The last of the new updating jingle and imaging services covers the Country format.

360 Country.


The revolution started in 2012. Imaging AND Jingles…together, in ONE service. Now it just seems obvious.

360 Country has undoubtedly made its mark showing rapid growth by super-serving our client stations with EVERYTHING they DEMAND from a Country Imaging Service. Jingles, Custom Music Themes, Sonic Logo FX, Imaging Shells, Sound Design, Listener and Artist Drops, Beds, Holiday/Special events and MUCH more. 360 Country NOW offers two choices in music branding.


360 Country Jingles

Always Updating, Always Evolving

We didn’t put together another “up-tempo” swingin’ country buyout package drenched in horns with 6 voice group sings and label it “The Nashville Sound.” We’ve hired Nashville talent that make the music you play to write, produce and perform the music you hear in 360 Country. It shows.

360 Country is ALWAYS evolving. We move and grow with Nashville so you ALWAYS sound current and connected to the music your listeners LOVE!


Your Music, Your Station, YOUR BRAND

It’s about time COUNTRY RADIO gets the TOOLS and TOYS that have long been locked up by our friends in CHR. As Country skews younger and music turns faster – take advantage of every opportunity to OWN YOUR music. While second, third and even fourth country stations launch in competitive markets, a Jingle Package is not always the best tool to cut through the NOISE. Don’t place your name around the music…PERFORM IT…INSIDE the music. Or actually…let US do it for YOU!

What You Get:

3 Fully Customized Intro BRANDs per Month – Each With Custom Sound-Alike Vocals and Full Imaging Production. Each BRAND Comes in Three FLAVORS: FULL – PPM – LITE. Each FLAVOR is Delivered with ALL the Parts your Imager requires: The “Ready-to-Hit-the-Air-NOW” version. The Mixout Versions with Drops and FX Chopped out allowing you to stylize at will. All the individual work-parts including Drops, FX and Acapella Sings.

360 Country Imaging

We can probably go on for hours about our massive 25K file imaging service. We have producers in 4 time-zones with other content providers around the globe. We are uploading Custom Intros, Promos, Sweepers, SWINGLES, Stagers, Kickoffs, Stabs, Artist Audio, REAL Listener Drops, FX, Imaging Beds, Hooks, Specialty/Holiday content, and so much other stuff literally everyday. It’s our job after all.

We’re also the service that doesn’t just offer to take requests, we ENCOURAGE them. Need a new artist stager for someone we haven’t heard of yet? Tell us! Need a promo shell for a fair in a town with a population no greater than an Arby’s? Bring it!

But honestly at this point you probably won’t need to make too many requests. Just leave yourself a little extra Searchin’ time on the site. There’s a lot there. Or do like we do and grab Full-Page Zips from all the categories and go nuts.

I think I covered everything here. Check out the demos on the 360 Country website and lock this up on your country station today before the competition locks it up first.

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And there we have it. All of the newest updating jingle and imaging services, just incase for reference. I'll use these services for when I'm consulting. All of these services discriptions were copied and pasted from the TM Studios website, just incase you want to read all about them and what they offer. I predict that all 3 of the new services will be a hit for TM for a long time to come. Tip: It's always good to supplement any updating service with another imaging library. I hope to hear all 3 of the new services on more stations soon!