This is the first in the series of new offerings from TM Studios.

All of them are updating jingle and imaging services that constantly update.

We’ll start with Pure AC.

Maybe “your last jingle package ever” has felt stale….for years?

That’s because your vocals are cookie-cutter. They were sung once or twice in each musical key the day you signed on and haven’t been touched since. While the format evolves, your “updating” jingles….don’t.

TM Studios, the company who invented the updating jingle package, is leading a new revolution, with True Update. The music and vocals are fresh and new, every time.

Now the next evolution of AC jingles is ready.

Pure AC. TM Studios all new custom updating jingle package with perfect tracks and singers for today’s AC Radio. It launches with 14 cuts including every mix out and version you could possibley use. PURE AC updates quarterly with three new cuts and three promo beds. As the seasons change, so do your jingles. Seems natural, right?

Pure AC comes in 2 flavers. Lighter or Brighter.

Listen to what the buzz is about and lock this new service up for your station today before the competition does.

Listen to Pure AC here!

If your current jingles sound stale, it’s time for a change. Pure AC is already on the air on KBEE Sault lake city, WSJY Green Bay, KMGA Albuquerque and WWLI Providence.

Next up, Complete Hit Radio CHR.