In my mind, it seems like TM Studios has recently become extreamly popular these days in most if not all radio formats.

So, why so popular now? I have thought up these 5 reazens on why TM has become one of the fastest growing jingle and imaging companies today.

1. Logo flexability. Most of TM’S jingle packages now let you select your own logo to be sung throughout the package. It can be a custom logo melidy, or as is the case for KYGO Denver, you might have a logo melidy that’s memerable. Consitter this thought. You order a custom package or a updating jingle and imaging service. What logo do you want to utelise throughout the package? Do you have a certent logo melidy that’s memorable, or is the logo melidy brand new? That’s called logo flexability you have and opertunity to select your own logo melidy whether or not it’s memorable.

2. Multiple vocal stiles. Whether it’s a younger vocal sound or your vocal sound is contemporary, TM gives you multiple vocal stiles for you to choose from. Simple. They even give you the option to use solo singers or a full group sing.

3. More mixouts. Yes, mixouts. TM now gives you even more mixouts for you from Acapella sings to instrumental versions. Instrumental versions can be used with your voice talent, acapellas can be used in production.

4. Great production libraries. Production libraries like Imagio, Promo beds and Short bus radio prove that you can get a good production library to supplement your jingle package.

5. Great service. TM takes good care of your station. If you need help, don’t be afrade to ask!

And that’s 5 reazens why TM is so popular today. That’s why most of the packages from TM Studios go in to the imaging showcase.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article.