I’ve decided to put all of my facebook notes here as tips for your radio station.

All of these tips will help your station’s image out greatfully.

Here they are!

Imaging tip 1. Choosing a 2-punch.

This first idea involvs creating your own 2-punch for talkover beds like weather, onlocation etc.

Here’s my opinion. Don’t play the same cut over and over to close a talkover bed. Be creative Don’t just play the same open/close all of the time. It gets boring after awhile.

My idea. Using one of the main core themes to close a talkover bed makes using your jingle package or service mutch more exciting and fun. Some services like Pure AC and Complete Hit Radio from TM Studios don’t provide you with a sepret 2-punch. You must make up a 2-punch of your very own.

Who knows. If you get creative, you might just find a cut that either has the same key and tempo as the bed your talking over, or you might just find a cut with the correct key to a song with the same key.

Take Eric O-Bryan at WBGL/WCIC in Il for example. Even though he has a 2-punch provided for him to use, he doesn’t always use it. He creates his own 2-punch with the cuts he has. For weather, he usually creates a 2-punch with one of the lower pitch cuts. Sometimes he goes 1 or 2 octives higher. Sometimes the cut he uses is in the same key, tempo or both. Sometimes he’s one or 2 keys off.

So to recap. Creating your own 2-punch will make using the jingle service or package mutch more exciting and fun. Try it sometime!

Good Luck and I hope to hear more radio stations test this out in their markets!

Imaging tip 2. Always update your jingles.

So you buy a great jingle service that constantly updates with new jingles and beds every month. You download and air the entire starter package of jingles and beds, then your to busy to download and use any updates. What a complete waist!

Here’s a thought. Why waist your jingle service when you can take advantage of all of the great updates to come?

Here’s my idea. Before you get to busy, start using the updates any jingle company sends you each month. If you have a complete library of cuts that you haven’t aired yet, download the entire library and put them on the air And I meen before you get way too busy

This is like my last tip about creating a 2-punch to close a talkover bed. If you refuse to update, then it’s a complete waist.

Jingle companies like Reelworld and TM Studios put out packages that update every month with new jingles and beds. It would be beneficial to the station and those listening if the PD or imaging directer would make every effort possible to update the jingles and keep it fresh.

It’s the same for Christian radio stations.

So here’s some words to the wise. Update your jingles and imaging, and you will have more and more choices for creating 2-punches or between songs.

Imaging tip 3. Keymatching.

Here’s something for you to concitter. Try keymatching a song with a jingle that has the same key, tempo or both.

Just take a jingle from the package or service you use, and try to match it with a song in the same key.

Some companies like Reelworld and TM offer key and tempo information when you update or use a package or service. Also pay very close attention to the BPM Beats per minute when you play jingles on your station, as that information helps allot when keymatching.

Have fun!

Imaging Tip 4. Inserting sounds into jingles.

Offon you get a jingle package or service with little to no sound effects. Here’s how you can make the cuts you use more fun and exciting.

When you play a jingle, leeve it as is but insert a sound effect like impacts, swooshes, explosion effects, etc before the singers start.

Just use your station’s production/imaging library and add whatever sound effects to start any jingle Weather, Onlocation, Shotgun, Slogan etc.

Cant wait to hear jingles with added sound effects! It makes using jingles more exciting and fun for everyone.

Imaging tip 5. Update liners Periodically.

If your station uses a great production and imaging library, make sure to update your liners Periodically.

Do what most of the christian radio stations in the united States do. They use 3 of the well known production libraries you can find. Audible Genesis, Glow, and Imagio. AG and Glow have pre-produced imaging templets, Imagio has tuns of sound effects and music beds that update Periodically.

If your a secular radio station, use a production library like Benztown, Production vault, Splat or Short bus radio to keep your liners fresh and always up to date.

Also, if your jingle company has a imaging service that Periodically updates, I recommend you use it. 360 Country is one of those services that Periodically updates if your a country station.

My point is that if you have liners that get you into the next song in a typical music sweep, it’s always a good idea to update and refresh them from time to time, espeshelly if you use voice talent that your listeners are familiar with.

Liners should be updated Periodically like jingles. You update your playlist with new music every month, why not refresh your imaging Periodically like you do when adding new music to keep your station sounding fresh?

Imaging tip 6. Intro to break imaging.

Here’s a way to get into commercial breaks on your station. It’s really simple and it’s not hard to do.

Play a short liner or a quick jingle and you’ve just created a commercial break intro.

Non commercial CCM stations who air short 1 minute features can simply air a short shotgun jingle and it’s a feature cut just for a short feature.

Secular radio stations can use any shotgun or slogan cut like you would when your going between a song in a music sweep or a short liner when the station is going into a commercial break.

This is a simple way to get your slogan accross to your listeners. It also depends on the number of jingles your station plays per hour.

For example, if your playing 3 jingles per hour, you can have 2 between songs, and 1 as a jingle intro for going into commercial breaks. For 4 per hour, 2 between songs, 2 as a commercial break intro.

It all depends on the number of jingles you choose to play per hour. If your not playing that meny you can use short liners.

If you have promos running, Promos that just end with the station URL can just use a jingle to go into breaks. Promos that end with the station name can also use a liner. Of corse, if you have no promos running, you just might wanna concitter going into a commercial break freestile. That meens just play anything.

Like I said above this is a great way to get your slogan and the name of your station accross in a way that’s not boring. But it depends on the number of jingles you want to play per hour.

Another way of playing 4 jingles per hour is 2 between songs, 1 for going back to the music, and 1 to go into breaks.

If you have a morning show you might wanna create your own commercial break intro.

Have fun, and be creative!

Imaging tip 7. New music intros.

I love it when stations play new music.

Here are 2 ways that you can intro new music.

1. If you use a jingle service that contains a new music jingle with a short ramp, use it to intro the latest song that your going to play next. Another way of introducing new music in a jingle is producing liners that has a talkover bed where either your DJ’S or your voice talent gives the title and artist of a new song, then just creat a 2-punch afterwords.

2. Liners. If you don’t wanna air new music jingles, another option is just producing new music liners instead. Of corse, you might wanna put some energy into the liners by inserting something that grabs the listener’s attention. Explosions, Impacts, or a combo effect with a listener reaction. If no station name is given, just play any short shotgun jingle or liner with just the station name.

And those are 2 great ideas on introducing new music to your target audience.

And if you use a production/imaging library that has new music templates that update constantly, I recommend you use those templates and create new music sweepers whenever you add new songs to your playlist.

Have fun!

And those are 7 imaging tips for success, strate from my facebook notes.

I encourage you to try these tips out sometime. Your station will sound great!

I’ll post more imaging tips soon!