Splat! – Power To The Producers!

Splat! is smart imaging, designed for the way you like to work. Splat! is fast, focused and flexible. Our online data base contains 10’s of thousands of imaging essentials, including pre-produced IDs, promos, sweepers, production fx, artist ID’s, listener voices, music beds, drops and more, including PPM friendly elements. But we don’t stop there, we update constantly to supply you with new material so your imaging is always fresh and always up to date. Plus we back everything with the best customer service in the biz. Seriously, when you need us, we’ve got your back!

Splat! Imaging Packages are trusted by radio production and programming professionals coast to coast. With eight radio formats to choose from, Splat! gives you everything you need to create attention grabbing imaging for your station and connect with your audience.

Splat! is created by Dave Meffert, creater of Mad Jack Studios and populer imaging libraries such as Audible Genesis, Audible Genesis Glow, and Audible Genesis Now! When you use Splat! you have the option to use Dave Meffert as your primeary station voice, or use your own signature voice.

This service just launched, and is already on KXKS Baton rouge, LA and KFGE Lincoln, NE.

Check out Splat hear!

Here’s my opinion.

First off, I heard all of the format demos and will continue to do so. I love Dave’s production stile. He basicly uses the same concept as his CCM imaging packages, and created a service that secular radio can use. Imaging templates, listener audio, artist audio, music beds, sound effects, and unlimited VO if you decide you want to use his voice.

I highly recommend you sign up. Splat! sounds really good. I think that this will be yet another smash for Dave. He’s had success with other libraries. He’s been selling imaging libraries since 2007.

Do yourself a favor and get Splat! before your competitor signs up first. You’ll be happy you did, and you’ll love Dave Meffert’s production stile.