Short Bus Radio, an industry leader in radio imaging, is a collective brain trust of major market producers supported by the best audio contractors in the world. Our team is always up to the challenge of providing radio stations in nearly every major market with the hottest imaging that will give you the competitive edge.

On top of MASSIVE weekly updates you can consider us your personal production team. Call us. Email us. Need something? We’ll make it.

Formats supported include AC, CHR, Classic Hits, Classic Rock, Country, Hot AC, News/Talk, Rock/Alternative, Sports, Traditional Country, Urban, and Urban AC.

All formats include:

• Pre-Built Sweepers…just add your VO
• Promo and Sweeper Workparts

• Thousands of FX and Beds

• Television and Movie Drops

• TONS of raw listener audio

This is one of many highly successful imaging libraries you can find, period. I say many because as you know, there are others like Short Bus Radio. But obviously short bus radio is allot easier to use than other production libraries.

Short Bus Radio was created by Dave Meffert in 2004.

Take a listen to all of there format demos and decide whether or not you want short bus on your station. In my opinion, I recommend that you use short bus radio. I heard all of the format demos and I’m glad this is one of the highly successful imaging libraries to date. All of the format demos sound good and this is a well thought out imaging library!

Find Short Bus Radio here and go for a ride! Seats are starting to fill up fast, so fule up and get on board!

Get Short Bus Radio on your station now before your competitor figures this library out and takes a ride on the bus first. Then what mode of transportation do you use on your station?

Short Bus Radio. If your not on the bus, your under it! Get on board!