It’s rare that a heritage country radio station would order a custom package produced by a different jingle company and have it sung with their own heritage logo.

KYGO, a heritage country station in Denver, did just that.

Introducing New Country KYGO. Now ready to be customized!

ICONIC and LEGENDARY are words that can really only be used about a select group of radio stations across the U.S. 98-5 KYGO is certainly one of them. It has dominated, not just a market, but a genre for decades. Over the years KYGO has taken on all challengers with class, grit, fortitude and, most importantly, success. KYGO has also been emulated time and again for its talent, its programming acumen AND its pinpoint branding. Bruce Upchurch and TM Studios are proud to play a role in the next evolution in the storied history of this Heritage station. We present KYGO-2015.

10 main themes with ramp, slogan, ID and shotgun versions of eatch, a fast to slow transition with ID and shotgun mixouts, a top of hour ID, a weather bed, a promo bed, and a all purpose instrumental bed that can be used as either a news or traffic bed.

Stations who love all of the KYGO packages created by Reelworld will love this new incarnation of the legendary KYGO logo. I highly recommend you use this package. It’s up, bright, upbeat, and flexable.

Get this package on your station now before your competitor airs it first. You’ll be glad you did.

Check out the new KYGO incarnation here and listen to what the buzz is all about!

Enjoy New Country KYGO and get this package on the air in your market today!

KYGO is a Radio Disney Country station.