Howdy Partner!

Here’s a new jingle package for stations who just use their own brand like the eagle, the bull, the wolf, the hawk etc.

It’s a country package with 20 full shotgun mixes, 20 lite mixes, and 40 different rapidfire mixes broken down into 20 versions of eatch. There’s also a top of hour cut, a weather bed, and cuts for news and traffic.

Here are the details about this package.

Exactly 20 years ago, ReelWorld transformed the tired sound of traditional radio jingles by creating packages which – for the first time ever – reflected modern trends and current musical styles.

On April 16th, history repeats itself.

Introducing 94.9 The Bull from ReelWorld. Jingles as authentic as today’s country artists, which segue seamlessly between songs and brand the station without ever interrupting the flow. ReelWorld’s Creative Director, Erik Huber, explains his vision for this next-generation package “For the Bull package we asked ourselves how are we going to come up with the sound of the brand that will meld with this raw, real and organic format? We opted for organic instrumentals, stripped-down production, and mixes that are wide open with just a couple instruments so you really can hear the personality of the singer coming through. What resulted is a comprehensive jingle package for The Bull that sounds like what’s currently on the radio. There’s certainly nothing else like it on air today.”

Equally excited is Brian Michel, iHeartMedia Atlanta’s Senior Vice President of Programming:

“We’ve never had jingles on the Bull before so we knew we needed something that was not just modern to fit the Bull sound; but something that was also remarkable and lived up to the Bull brand. That’s where the team from ReelWorld comes in. The guys at ReelWorld just get it . . . from jingles to Production Vault, they provide tools that allow us to create Bull’s signature sound and just sound f%&%# awesome”.

The 94.9 The Bull package can now be previewed here and is available for syndication to stations across the country for barter or cash.

This is the first country jingle package not to be produced by Dave Meffert. My opinion is that this is a good package. They basicly copied what Dave did when he was producing. Although Dave switched jingle companies in 2011 to TM Studios, he did some production work for Reelworld for 2 more years before he permanently left to do production work for the staff at TM.

Mosey on over to the Reelworld website and grab this package before your competition rides away with this package first!