Dave Meffert has been widely populer. He is one of the world’s well known radio and TV producers you’ll admire.

Here is all the information you will ever know about Dave.

Dave Meffert started in radio in 1994 in linkon, NE. He went on to program and image stations in Dallas, Lancing, Memphis, and Nashville in the late 90’s.

He started producing radio imaging in 2004 by creating a new imaging service at the time, Short Bus Radio. Short Bus Radio was all fueled up over the summer and over 800 radio stations jumped on board the bus. Needliss to say it took off before a demo for all of the services formats and company website launched! What a incredible accomplishment!

He Teamed up with Ean Stergen to creat Big Fish Worldwide. Big Fish went on to be the imaging library of choice for over 2500 radio stations nation wide. Who knew Big Fish was going to take radio imaging by storm? Big Fish was on 5,000 + radio stations across the country and world wide. It was one of many successful imaging libraries and frankly, the largest. Though Big Fish still exists, Dave left the company in June 2015 to revive Imagio and Audio Architecture for TM Studios.

In 2007, Dave created Audible Genesis, the first ever Christian radio imaging library for Christian radio. That success led into Audible Genesis Glow in 2009.

Dave then started producing radio jingle packages. He started in 2006 producing jingle packages for Reelworld Productions in Seattle. He even help launched Production Vault and Reelworld One in 2008.

In 2010, Dave changed jingle companies. He started producing stuff for TM Studios in Dallas, Texas a position he still holds to this very day. He even teamed up with format producers to launch new services that would change radio imaging forever. He teamed up with Ryan Drean to launch 360 country in 2012. It was and Immediate success. 360 Country is now on over 50 radio stations nation wide.

He launched Complete Hit Radio CHR and Pure AC in 2014. In 2013 he helped launch Promo beds, teaming up with beds and beats in the UK.

Dave Meffert created the Splat! imaging library in 2010 and is already garnering major success.

Today, Dave Meffert has been producing everything from radio imaging libraries to jingle packages for radio and other media. He also does VO work for stations nation wide, no matter the format. Dave even created jingles and music for the NBC hit television show The Voice. It seems like whenever he creats something, it turns to media success.

Dave was the co-founder of Zone Radio Imaging with founder Bruce Upcherch, from 2005-2015. Dave Left TM Studios and Zone Radio Imaging on October 5, 2015 and is now with Wise Buddah as VP of creative content. He is handleing all content for IMGR, produces jingle packages both resing and custom, and creates new production music libraries. He also does television news music production for Warner/Chappel Music, Stephen Arnald Music, and 360 Music. He even produced the new theme music for The PBS Newshour with Edd Kalehoff.

Dave currently lives in New York City.

I highly recommend getting Dave Meffert’s work on your radio station today. He’s been working hard producing imaging libraries and jingle packages that’ll help your station sound amazing. Whether it’s Splat! Short Bus Radio, or a TM Studios jingle package, you’ll recognize Dave’s production stile. Also I highly recommend using Dave as your new voice guy. He’s really talented and his voice fits any radio format.

Check out Dave’s website here, and get him as your next voice talent for your radio station today!

Make sure to thank him for producing great imaging! The world needs more imaging producers like Dave.