About Benztown Branding.

Benztown Branding™ provides the world’s most powerful imaging libraries with over 274846 audio elements, updated and growing daily. Containing shelled produced promos and sweepers, ramploops, branded song intros, artist IDs, listener drops, song hooks, musicbeds, individual imaging workparts and more. Benztown Branding continuously delivers the highest quality audio elements across twenty-one libraries and thirteen formats including AC, Hot AC, CHR, Country, Classic Hits, News/Talk, Rock, Classic Rock, Rhythmic, Urban, and Urban AC.

Massive Scale of Content

Updated Daily

Shelled and Customizable

Topical and Current

Designed for Seamless Production

Easy and Powerful User Experience

Unmatched Service and Attention

Collaboration from the Industry’s Best

I highly recommend Benztown. They offer imaging libraries, voiceovers, and the best imaging directors in the biz.

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