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May 2015

Imaging Tip: Don’t Be Rude!

I have a great imaging tip for you.

I keep hearing radio stations talking over the jingle singers. They do a weather forcast for example, but instead of the singers singing, the DJ’S are rude and talk over them before the bed starts.

My tip is simply don’t be rude! Let the singers do there part first, then you can talk over the bed. Don’t talk over the singers. It’s rude and somewhat impolite.

I wanted to right this tip for some time, but backed out a little. Now I’m glad I’m wrighting this. I’m fed up with stations who use sung jingles be rude to the singers.

I know some DJ’S and PD’S will never learn. Most radio stations I listen to would let the singers sing, then they can start talking. For those stations who are rude, please let the singers sing before you start talking. The singers will tell you what bed your talking over, such as a weather forcast, a live remote broadcast, or a community related feature.

Boddom line. You don’t wanna be rude, do you?


New Jingles From Reelworld for B96 Chicago

20 years after ReelWorld transformed the tired sound of traditional radio jingle packages, this is a new package for B96 in Chicago.

B96 2015 Jingles are as authentic as today’s CHR artists, which segue seamlessly between songs and brand the station without ever interrupting the flow.

ReelWorld’s Erik Huber, explains that they brought in brand new vocalists that they felt represented B96’s format. “What we found were singers that can hold their own against Rihanna and Chris Brown and convey the brand to the listener, capturing the spirit of the brand. It’s a short form format that glides into the song transition and keeps the listener in the flow of the music. Choose any song in your top 40 and you’ll find a jingle in the package that melds perfectly into the next song. This package slams home the brand and does it in a way that sounds like today. I don’t think we’ve ever had a jingle package that captures the moving target and nailing where CHR is.”

Todd Cavanah and Erik Bradley, B96 Program Director and Assistant Program Director/Music Director, are equally excited by their new jingles.

“B96’s New Jingle Package from ReelWorld is without question the most sonically compatible pop radio jingle collection we’ve ever heard. We couldn’t be more pleased with how it weaves seamlessly in to the fabric of the station and are excited for everyone to hear it for themselves!”

Tod and Eric are using the new jingles after a year and a half with TM Studios Alloi jingle package.

I don’t think I’ll be recommending this package to allot of stations. If you want your jingles short and to the point I highly recommend this package for your station.

Listen to the new B96 jingle package here.

I don’t think that this package will be as successful as Alloi is. If you want this package get it on your station now before the competition gets it first.

Bottom line. The jingles are good. I just won’t recommend this to allot of stations.

IMGR. Reelworld’s Successer

It seems like IMGR is the successer to Reelworld One and Production Vault.

IMGR is both a jingle and imaging service in 1 place. It now comes in 3 euneek formats. CHR, Country, and Hot AC.

Since I first featured IMGR they have launched a new website and added over 25 stations to the IMGR family.

IMGR’S jingle packages come with a 16 cut starter kit. IMGR then updates each format with 3 new jingles every month.

The imaging services are massive. You start with a library of sweepers and promos, branded song intros, artist audio, music beds, and production FX. Since each format is different, you can customize the sweeper and promo shells with your own voice talent. Shells can also be remixed before they go on air.

I can’t recommend IMGR enough. I hear IMGR on air on the biggest stations around the world and I think any radio station who currently use Reelworld One and Production Vault should make the switch.

The only demos on the IMGR site at this time are for CHR and Hot AC. The Country demo will be released in the fall.

IMGR is market exclusive. Don’t Wait, Get IMGR on your station today!

Tip: IMGR can be used alongside another imaging service called Imaging Blueprint. Pare them both up and sound amazing!

Coming Soon From TM Studios!

Radio stations Keep any eye on the TM Studios Website.

a bunch of new packages will be on the website as soon as they are completed and on air. I will teeze that Dave Meffert and the team are working on a new imaging service for the Hot AC format. Watch this space for details!

New Imaging Service: Country QWIPS.

Here’s a brand new service I highly recommend to all of my Country PD’S. It’s called Country QWIPS.


Country QWIPS is not just fresh production…it’s fresh thinking.
We’ll help you stand out from the crowd with innovative on-air imaging that is fully-customized for your station and delivered ready to air.

No two Country stations are alike.
So we start by learning about your station’s brand style and imaging priorities.
Then we customize a new group of QWIPS each month to match that style and meet your needs.

Does your brand live in only one side of your listeners’ brain? Logical, left-side imaging that promotes your basic overall music position is important. But great brands like Apple© and Coke© also activate the RIGHT side, the creative and emotional side of consumers’ brains. That’s what Country QWIPS do.

From script-writing, to voice acting, to sound design, QWIPS bring national level creative standards to local on-air imaging.
When used in conjunction with your current imaging, QWIPS add creativity and emotion to your brand.

I heard the demo on the QWIPS website and I love it! I highly recommend this for your Country station.

Country QWIPS are market exclusive. Get Country QWIPS on your station now before the competition wips them up first!

Here the demo and learn more about Country Q-Wips here!

Country QWIPS are syndicated by Premier Radio Networks.

TM Studios 3 New Updating Services Getting Popular

When I started up the imaging showcase, I posted about TM Studios 3 new updating jingle and imaging services. If you want to read all about them here they are again.

Pure AC

Complete Hit Radio CHR

360 Country

I gotta say that all 3 services are doing spectacularly well! All 3 of them have picked up stations left, right and senter.

If your new to updating services, 360 Country, Pure AC, and Complete Hit Radio CHR give you constantly updating jingles and imaging tools every month. Imaging tools may include Sound Effects, Production beds, and logo stingers.

You choose your vocal sound and logo melidy. In the case with CHR you can have the service with a memorable logo melidy like Kiss FM, Z100, Kiss 108, KDWB or you can use a completely new logo melidy.

360 Country can be sung with a full group, strate up solo sings, or vocal harmonys.

Let’s get 360 Country, Pure AC and Complete Hit Radio on every radio market possible. Get these new services on your station now before your competitor does!

Please note: All 3 services were created by Dave Meffert. He and Ryan Drean created 360 Country together. Dave and Ryan never disappoint when it comes to the Country format. Dave and the team at TM Studios have dominated the radio imaging Industry since 2012. You can read Dave’s remarkable story here.

Dave Meffert. The Real Story

Sticky FX. The Successer to BigFish.

I really think Sticky FX will give BigFish Worldwide a run for it’s money.

Since 2010, Sticky FX has so far created 13 packages for various radio formats. 12 of them are FX packages, and 1 is a music bed package containing different stiles of beds and beats in different tempos.

Sticky FX packages are buyout packages meaning you pay once, and use them on any format. If you program a cluster you can buy more than 1 FX package.

Sticky FX has hit our shores hard earlier this year. First they opened their US office in Grand Rapids Michigan, then a bunch of radio stations started picking up their FX catalog.

At this rate, in 10 years time we can expect to hear Sticky FX everyware. In fact, I think at the rate we’re going Sticky FX will be the company to go for FX packages. BigFish would have to do something to dominate in the radio imaging industry. They might create good stuff, but Sticky FX has created a really good product and will no dout be the new dominater in the radio imaging market like TM is the new dominater in the radio jingle market.

I would encourage everyone and anyone to use Sticky FX on your radio station. You will love their packages. They have a 30 day money back guarantee. If you don’t like it they will refund your purchase, no question’s asked. But I really do think you’ll love it and you’ll use it on any station you program and or image.

Sticky FX. The successer to BigFish.

Imaging Showcase: Fame FX

About Fame FX.

The only Sound FX buyout package you need this year – an energetic, multi-format, and powerful tool to make your stuff stand out. Fame FX comes with tons of mix outs, solo workparts and includes: impacts, hits, sonic IDs, starters, electronics, flyIns, combos, slow downs, stops, impact loops, zaps and much more. Get your station on the next level. This package brings you Fame.

Fame FX delivered via download and ready to roll in 3… 2… 1…

9 reasons for Fame FX.

Fame FX is cutting edge and developed by 2 of the worlds leading Imaging specialists especially for the broadcasting industry. Soundquadrat’s Imaging can be heard on more than 200 stations around the globe. Including world famous industry brands like Clear Channel, FOX, Entercom, Citadel, CBS, Cumulus, Astral, NRJ and many more.

Fame FX is the only self expanding and community featured Sound FX library ever. Each time Fame FX got sold, you’ll receive new workparts and Sound FX.

Fame FX is proven.

  • Fame FX also delivers the solo workparts to create new Sound FX from scratch.
  • Fame FX gives you THE Choice. The product is linked to the specific station, a single producer working as freelancer or a production facility or studio.

    Fame FX includes NO hidden or additional costs. ROYALTY FREE workparts, which could be used in any of your production or imaging environment. No additional fees, no yearly buyout licences. Pay one time and use it forever.

  • Fame FX delivers high quality audio. You receive .wav files in 16bit and 44.1kHz.

    Fame FX means NO waiting and work interruption. Get your new Sound FX and imaging workparts via download immediately after you paid (latest within 24 hours). 3… 2… 1… and you are ready to roll.

    Purchase Fame FX without risk. Payment can be made by Credit Card or via PayPal.

    And that’s about it.

    Please do note the demo is a little dirty, but worth the listen. It is voiced by Rachael Mcgraf and Harry Legg.

    After hearing the demo and how Fame FX works on air I highly recommend it. It Is yet another buy-out tool for any format. You’ll love it!

    Read all about Fame FX and hear the complete demo here.

    Get Fame FX on your station today and you’ll receive some fame yourself!

  • Beverley Staunton, jingle singer

    Beverley Staunton is one of the most popular jingle singers around the world.

    Here’s a little of her background.

    BEVERLEY STAUNTON is one of the music industry’s most versatile and sought out vocalists. You can hear her from radio to television, the big screen to small screen and everything in between.

    Whether she’s singing vocals on recordings with: Bette Midler, Michael Buble, Julio Iglesias, Jessica Simpson, Barry Manilow, Jackie Evancho, Kristin Chenoweth or taking the lead on various children’s CD’s for Disney Records, it’s easy to hear Beverley’s range, power and perfection.

    Not just limited to the studio, Beverley has sung backups for artists such as: Kelly Clarkson, Lionel Ritchie, Nelly Furtado, Martina McBride, Dionne Warwick, and James Taylor.

    Originally from Montreal, Canada, Beverley’s magnetic performances started at an early age, where she essentially grew up on stage and television. By the time she was a young adult she had become one of Canada’s top live and session singers.

    Television audiences were treated to Beverley’s musical talents on such shows as: The Tonight Show, David Letterman, Good Morning America, Canada AM, Regis And Kelly, Top of the Pops, Extra, Grease:You’re The One That I Want and America’s Got Talent. You can also hear Beverley’s remarkable voice on animated shows like “The Emperor’s New School” (ABC), “Kimpossible” (Disney), Seth Green’s “Robot Chicken” (Cartoon Network), Phineas & Ferb (Disney) and movies such as Norbit (Dreamworks) and Blades of Glory (Dreamworks). Beverley was also one of the lead singers on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars from its conception and continued on for 8 years.

    Now residing in Los Angeles, Beverley has quickly found her place among the city’s top vocalists.

    Beverley has her own home recording studio. She sings jingles for Reelworld and still does to this day.

    You can hear her voice on TM Studios jingle packages as well.

    Chances are if your listeners listen to your station or watch television, they probably heard Beverley!

    Beverley has ritten songs eather for or with artists like Tayler Swift, Kelly Clarkson, Nickelback ETC. and still rights songs today.

    Beverley also has and album out called Everything Changes. All 11 tracks became #1 singles with World Goes On spending a total of 200 weeks on the teen chart, with 65 total weeks at #1. This record has been shattered by Bruno Mars When I Was Your Man, which spent 400 weeks on the teen chart and 70 weeks on top.

    Beverley will give your next jingle package power. If you buy a jingle package from TM or Reelworld, make sure you get Beverley Staunton’s vocals. You’ll love her stile just like me!

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