I really think Sticky FX will give BigFish Worldwide a run for it’s money.

Since 2010, Sticky FX has so far created 13 packages for various radio formats. 12 of them are FX packages, and 1 is a music bed package containing different stiles of beds and beats in different tempos.

Sticky FX packages are buyout packages meaning you pay once, and use them on any format. If you program a cluster you can buy more than 1 FX package.

Sticky FX has hit our shores hard earlier this year. First they opened their US office in Grand Rapids Michigan, then a bunch of radio stations started picking up their FX catalog.

At this rate, in 10 years time we can expect to hear Sticky FX everyware. In fact, I think at the rate we’re going Sticky FX will be the company to go for FX packages. BigFish would have to do something to dominate in the radio imaging industry. They might create good stuff, but Sticky FX has created a really good product and will no dout be the new dominater in the radio imaging market like TM is the new dominater in the radio jingle market.

I would encourage everyone and anyone to use Sticky FX on your radio station. You will love their packages. They have a 30 day money back guarantee. If you don’t like it they will refund your purchase, no question’s asked. But I really do think you’ll love it and you’ll use it on any station you program and or image.

Sticky FX. The successer to BigFish.