When I started up the imaging showcase, I posted about TM Studios 3 new updating jingle and imaging services. If you want to read all about them here they are again.

Pure AC

Complete Hit Radio CHR

360 Country

I gotta say that all 3 services are doing spectacularly well! All 3 of them have picked up stations left, right and senter.

If your new to updating services, 360 Country, Pure AC, and Complete Hit Radio CHR give you constantly updating jingles and imaging tools every month. Imaging tools may include Sound Effects, Production beds, and logo stingers.

You choose your vocal sound and logo melidy. In the case with CHR you can have the service with a memorable logo melidy like Kiss FM, Z100, Kiss 108, KDWB or you can use a completely new logo melidy.

360 Country can be sung with a full group, strate up solo sings, or vocal harmonys.

Let’s get 360 Country, Pure AC and Complete Hit Radio on every radio market possible. Get these new services on your station now before your competitor does!

Please note: All 3 services were created by Dave Meffert. He and Ryan Drean created 360 Country together. Dave and Ryan never disappoint when it comes to the Country format. Dave and the team at TM Studios have dominated the radio imaging Industry since 2012. You can read Dave’s remarkable story here.

Dave Meffert. The Real Story