It seems like IMGR is the successer to Reelworld One and Production Vault.

IMGR is both a jingle and imaging service in 1 place. It now comes in 3 euneek formats. CHR, Country, and Hot AC.

Since I first featured IMGR they have launched a new website and added over 25 stations to the IMGR family.

IMGR’S jingle packages come with a 16 cut starter kit. IMGR then updates each format with 3 new jingles every month.

The imaging services are massive. You start with a library of sweepers and promos, branded song intros, artist audio, music beds, and production FX. Since each format is different, you can customize the sweeper and promo shells with your own voice talent. Shells can also be remixed before they go on air.

I can’t recommend IMGR enough. I hear IMGR on air on the biggest stations around the world and I think any radio station who currently use Reelworld One and Production Vault should make the switch.

The only demos on the IMGR site at this time are for CHR and Hot AC. The Country demo will be released in the fall.

IMGR is market exclusive. Don’t Wait, Get IMGR on your station today!

Tip: IMGR can be used alongside another imaging service called Imaging Blueprint. Pare them both up and sound amazing!