I have a great imaging tip for you.

I keep hearing radio stations talking over the jingle singers. They do a weather forcast for example, but instead of the singers singing, the DJ’S are rude and talk over them before the bed starts.

My tip is simply don’t be rude! Let the singers do there part first, then you can talk over the bed. Don’t talk over the singers. It’s rude and somewhat impolite.

I wanted to right this tip for some time, but backed out a little. Now I’m glad I’m wrighting this. I’m fed up with stations who use sung jingles be rude to the singers.

I know some DJ’S and PD’S will never learn. Most radio stations I listen to would let the singers sing, then they can start talking. For those stations who are rude, please let the singers sing before you start talking. The singers will tell you what bed your talking over, such as a weather forcast, a live remote broadcast, or a community related feature.

Boddom line. You don’t wanna be rude, do you?