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June 2015

The relaunched Big Fish Worldwide is worth buying!

After hearing the relaunched Big Fish Worldwide, I can safely say that it is worth buying and using on your radio station or podcast.

Big Fish is being used on radio stations and networks such as American Family Radio, KJNW Kansas City, The Joy FM, and KTTS to name afew. Big Fish is not only used on CCM stations, but other radio stations and formats are using BigFish in their productions. In total, the company has been relaunched on over 2500 radio stations and networks around the world. And they are just getting started!

Big Fish has everything you could ever want and need for all of your station’s productions. Music beds, and sound effects also refered to as sound desine elements. Plus with Big Fish weekely, you get more music beds and sound effects for you to play with.

The Boddem line is if your not using the relaunched Big Fish Worldwide, your missing out big time.

Get the new sound of BigFish Worldwide on your radio station or network now! You’ll be glad you did!

As a side note, Ian Stergen just finished remastering all of the packages he created with Dave Meffert and those packages are available both sepretly, and in the newely created Big Fish Unlimited service.


Big Fish Worldwide relaunches

Today, Big fish worldwide has relaunched.

The new website opened it’s dores to the public this morning.

Ian Stergen is now running the company alone. Dave Meffert is no longer producing for BigFish worldwide as he now handles Imagio and other libraries for TM Studios.

From the all new Big Fish Worldwide Website.

Welcome to Big Fish Worldwide!

Click around the all-new Big Fish Worldwide to see what you see. Big Fish Workparts are used in every top five radio market, but we also work with independent producers. Whether your a major market creative services director, a freelance imaging guy, or just need some sounds to spice up your podcast, we’ve got you covered.

All the sound effects, and music beds on Big Fish are Royalty Free, which means you can use them in all your custom imaging projects without having to purchase any additional licensing. Pay once, and use it on all your stations. Get the production FX you need without breaking the bank, or surrendering precious barter.

With the company relaunch, Ian acquired all of the FX packages he worked on with Dave Meffert. He currently is working on new stuff. Right now he has launched Big Fish Weekly, which means that you get new FX and music beds once a week.

Big Fish Worldwide FX packages are buyout packages, and will work for any format.

I’ll make a follow up post as soon as I hear everything they have, and see if it’s worth buying or not. With Ian now running the company by himself and without Dave Meffert, things will be different.

Short Bus Radio. Now offering free trials!

Short Bus Radio

A team of imaging pros on standby…


Try ANY of our 12 formats for 30 days – FREE.

Email THESE PEOPLE to get access. We locked ’em in the back, and they don’t get out until they meet their quota. So…you basically control their destiny now.

Basicly, try Short Bus Radio for 30 days. If you don’t like it, you don’t want to ride the bus or your just not interested, no worries! Just let them know.

But I promise you you’ll love short bus radio so much, you’ll take a ride and air it on your station.

Learn more about the new 30 day free trial by visiting the Short Bus Radio website. You can also listen to all of their format package demos and pick the package that fits your format.

Go on and try Short Bus Radio for 30 days. I dare you! If you like it and your ready to go, contact TM Studios to lock Short Bus Radio on your radio station. Just pick the package that fits your format. If you program a cluster of stations with different formats, no worries! there’s more than 1 format specific package that you can choose from.

Imaging Showcase: RadioScape Music

Here’s another jingle company I haven’t featured on my blog yet… until now!

It’s called Radio Scape Music.

About RadioScape.

For today’s Jingle Imaging, you have come to the right place and we welcome you to let us assist you in creating the perfect sound for your station.

Radioscape consists of industry professionals with decades of experience in producing Radio Imaging that works!

We cover a wide variety of formats and vocal styles and our clientele know that they will get exactly what they want to keep their station competitive.

Contact us today to get the details on how we can affordably provide your station with just the right sound!

RadioScape launched in 2006 and has been creating jingle packages ever since. Whether your format is AC, Country, Classic Hits or CCM they have a jingle package that’ll fit your station.

Here is what you need to know about D.A.W.N, RadioScape’s imaging library.

D.A.W.N. – the Digital Audio Worldwide Network.

Now your station can have a killer production library of over 11,000+ digital audio tracks—for one Buy-Out price! Music for spots and promos, sfx and tons of cool noises for your sweepers. Wake up your sound at DAWN!

Available as downloads:

Call us for $40 in free downloads to audition DAWN. You can then purchase a bulk license to download 500 tracks of your choice.

Buy our Ultra-Edit II and play with all 11,000+ titles on a single, portable hard drive! Besides the great music and effects, you’ll never have to search a catalog again. The Ultra-Edit database search engine makes finding the right sound a snap! Just audition the track in the database search, then add your favorites right into your project.

OR Available on CD:

If you’re still working in the analog world and need CD’s, we can set you up with over 300 disks. (A service and shipping fee of $279.00 applies.) Bundled into convenient binders, these disks only take up a small space in your studio.

Special pricing for RadioScape clients:

Oh how you guys love to chisel! And we know you’re thinking, “Why not go right to the D.A.W.N. folks and try to cut a better deal?” Well here’s the deal Pedro:

We’re the exclusive Radio partner of D.A.W.N. and we make the deals with you guys . Don’t worry. We can outfit you with a D.A.W.N. package that your GM will find fair and balanced. We’re the Fox News of Radio Production Libraries.

RadioScape is baced in Dallas, Texes. It’s founder is Johnny Hooper. Johnny has been righting and composing jingles for years.

RadioScape is on air on the biggest and best radio stations and radio shows such as Country Countdown USA and Revive Our Hearts with Nancy Leigh DeMoss. Get RadioScape on your station or radio show now!

Imaging tip: is your imaging up to date?

Allot of people who have viewed my blog in the passed have been viewing my imaging tips and clicked the like button. Thanks!

Here’s yet another imaging tip from yours truely.

Is your imaging up to date? If it isn’t or it’s been some time since the imaging on your station has changed, here are some ways to make sure your station’s imaging stays current.

The imaging library or FX package may be out of print. Try updating your station’s imaging library or FX package. Companies like Sticky FX the netherlends/United States and Dave Meffert have lots of great stuff you can use on your station.

Your jingles don’t really fit the format and overall sound of your station anymore or it’s really a really old jingle package. Time to change your jingle package!

Your current imaging voice talent may have retired or passed away recently. In cases like these it’s time for a change. You may want to change your voice talent if you don’t want to use him/her anymore or if your voice talent doesn’t fit the format like he/she use to.

I hope this helps! and know that if your interested in my recommendations, feel free to contact me via the contact me section. Thanks!

Summer deals at Sticky FX

Sticky FX today has started it’s traditional summer deals program.

From the Sticky FX Facebook page.

The Sticky FX ‘Amazing Summer Deals’ are here! Get CHR Volume 1 FREE with any order over 50 EURO.

In American currency, that translates to $56 in change. This means that if you buy a Sticky FX package over $56, you automaticly get CHR volume 1 for free!

You have plenty of time. The deal lasts all summer long!

Sticky FX has hit the 100 station milestone here in the US, and I expect this number to grow during the summer months. Radio stations will be either rebranding or reimaging their stations over the summer.

Take advantage of this deal now, before summer is over!

Go here to read about this summer deal, and read what they have for you to use all summer long!

Imaging Showcase: Wise Buddah

I haven’t featured any UK jingle and imaging companies yet on my blog as of yet… until now!

Wise Buddah is baced in the UK, but their jingles and imaging have hit our shores in recent years.

From the Wise Buddah Website.

Wise Buddah Jingles & Music Imaging composes and produces jingles, production music and imaging concepts for Radio and TV stations worldwide. Our clients include the BBC, ITV, GMG Radio, Bauer, Global Radio, Orion Media, KPM, Antenne Bayern, SKY Radio Group, RTL, NRJ, Bell Astral and many, many more.

Our award winning creative team have world class credentials and create music across all genres.

We hope that you enjoy your time on We’re updating regularly, so you’re welcome back any time!

Wise Buddah jingle packages ranges from radio formats such as AC, Hot AC, CHR, News/Talk and Classic Hits.

Wise Buddah also features imaging libraries E Generation, D Generation, X Generation, and Soft Generation.

Get Wise Buddah on your station now as their jingles are market exclusive! You’ll be glad you did!

As a side note, Wise Buddah is the jingle company behind the all in 1 imaging service IMGR.

Introducing The Radio Imaging Library TRIL

The Radio Imaging Libraryis and all in one service for CHR and Hot AC radio stations.

From The Radio Imaging Library TRIL website.

One library, all the imaging you need.

The Radio Imaging Library.

The perfect audio and a creative, custom workpart can make your day.

So we make sure everything you get is of the best quality audio, made by the people who love audio.

FX, promos, intros, sweepers, jingles and music beds for CHR and Modern AC radio.

Thousands of files are ready for you! Browse, play and download.

The Radio Imaging Library TRIL has been the #1 imaging library in the UK. Now it’s here in the united states!

The Radio Imaging Library TRIL is market exclusive, and only available to CHR and Hot AC stations.

I highly recommend The Radio Imaging Library TRIL. Get it on your radio station now before your competitor races to it first!

My thoughts on the new Radio Disney Country branding

With the new Radio Disney Country branding launching this fall, I have some thoughts I would like to share.

First, this has been a long time since we have seen a country radio brand pop up. With this new brand, Country stations are in complete controle with the overall imaging, music selection, and where the format is going as a whole. Country stations will be able to play the same music as there network counterpart.

I love this concept. Mediabace recognizes Radio Disney’s CHR playlist as the place to go for stations to shape the overall sound of the CHR format. It’ll be interesting to hear how this is going to turn out. The radio industry has taken noticed and is started to heviely promote this new concept. Country radio will never be the same.

The overall music, jingles and imaging will change how the Country radio format will be. From what I’m hearing, I’m going to expect that Country and CHR will be cousins.

More information will be relieced regarding this new branding. Keep checking this blog, I’ll be posting more when new information becomes available! I can tell you that the radio industry has taken noticed and has started to promote this new brand heviely.

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