I thought it would be fun if we did a little radio imaging trend comparison for once.

I wanted to compare today’s radio imaging trends to trends in the 90’s.

I’ll start with today’s radio imaging trends.

We have allot of great imaging choices today. You can get all in 1 imaging services, buyout FX libraries, updating jingles etc.

In today’s radio, the majority of CHR jingles are allot hevier. More sinth, guitar and jingles with the latest vocal technology. AC jingles today have done away with brass and soft elements in faver of what you would hear on a CHR station. AC jingles today went from soft to upbeat in 10 years time. However, most AC jingles have little to no vocal production in them.

I have heard allot of radio airchecks from the 90’s. Back in the erly 90’s, Artists like Janet Jackson, New Kids On The Block and MariahCarey were played with jingles from Jam Creative Productions or TM that didn’t match a station’s tipical playlist. That all changed in 1996 when a new company at the time called Reelworld Productions in Seattle came along and changed the sound of radio jingle imaging forever. Jingles finaly were able to match any radio station playlist no matter what format you were programming.

Christian radio jingles in the 90’s include companies like TM, Reelworld and GMI Media also in Seattle.

Imaging libraries in the 90’s were all buyout libraries. TM created Imagio in 1999 and it took off, and sold out! Every radio station you were listening to in 1999-2008 were using Imagio.

You can read my BigFish Worldwide post on this blog in the Imaging Showcase tag to read what happens next.

Today, much like Reelworld did in the 90’s, TM Studios is doing the same thing. Creating radio jingles that match a tipical radio station playlist. And with new members like Dave Meffert on TM’S production staff, I predict TM will continue to do very well for years to come much like Reelworld had success from 1996-2013. Though RW is still doing well.

Both jingle companies are successful. I think we’ll see a trend in the next 3 years time that’ll see TM leading the competition with great jingles and production tools. And with buyout libraries like Sticky FX and Alien Imaging Sound Desine, I don’t think we’ll see a whole lot of barter services popping up. 360 Country, Pure AC and Complete Hit Radio have gone from barter to Cash in 2 years time. Let’s see if I’m wright after 3 years!