a brand new FX package is now available fromSticky FX Productions called Cool Cuts Level 3 the social addition.

I have all of the information about Cool cuts level 3 the social addition right here!

In today’s radio world it becomes more and more important to focus on interaction with your listeners. To boost the social image of your radio station! You probably are already heavily into the whole social thing and you interact on different platforms. But how do you get that social image across in your production?

The answer is simple: Cool Cutz – Level 3 – The Social Edition. It’s the third in this successful series and this special edition has over 130 imaging fx and work parts.

Including more than 25 social notification fx, that let your listeners know you’re open for communication. All kinds of message tones, calendar reminders and other sounds associated with social media. Each one comes in the full…and stripped version. With this section you have a unique tool in your hands which can really differentiate your station’s sound and image.

Cool Cutz – Level 3 takes communicating with your listeners to the next level with loads of Touch tones, Vox Elements, Impacts and Breakers. And lots of stuff you can use as a bed to communicate on with your listeners. The package has awesome Beat Fillers, Beat Starters and Pads to make your station sound more socially engaged.

Cool Cutz – Level 3 – The Social Edition is co-production of Sticky FX Productions & Lekker Hip Audio.

I can now tell you that Sticky FX has hit the states hard. Over 40 stations nation wide are now using Sticky FX since launching their new offices and studios in Grand Rapids Michigan in January. Every package they have put out so far puts other imaging libraries to shame!

Sticky FX puts out 3-5 packages every year. Cool cuts level 3 the social addition is the second package this year alone after releasing Glide 2 in January.

They have really done spectacularly well in the states so far.

Find Cool Cuts Level 3 the Social Addition here.

Let’s see how many stations in the United States use Sticky FX this year. Get Sticky FX on your station today!

Note: Sticky FX is a buyout FX company. This means that Sticky FX can be used on multiple radio stations instead of being market exclusive.