This is a very good question I’ve been thinking and studying about recently. What vocal stile should you be getting for your next jingle package or service?

A better question would be this. In today’s radio imaging trends, what vocal stile is more beneficial? Solo or group?

I think in today’s radio imaging trend, I would have to say that using a full group sing is more beneficial.

Using a full group sing has more power than using a solo vocal stile. The first powerful thing is that you get more cuts and or mixouts to use in production. Second, when you use a full group sing with your station’s imaging library, it sounds amazing!

Using a solo vocal stile is beneficial, to but also has it’s disadvantages. Fewer mixouts, and doesn’t sound well with your station’s imaging library.

It all comes down to tast and how you want your station to sound. Most radio stations go with the full group sing, allot use solo vocals. I will say that if you choose the full group sing, you will get more cuts and mixouts, and your station will sound amazing going from song to song.

For those that decide to use a full group sing, I salute you. Your station sounds amazing and you are goin to be powerful when you use the jingles with your station’s imaging library. between songs or into or out of breaks.

For those who use a solo vocal stile, just be beneficial and make sure you don’t underuse or overuse your jingles. You probably sound good anyway!