The year was 2005. the team of Dave Meffert and Ean Stergen launched BigFish Worldwide. BigFish became the #1 imaging library of choice for over 5500 radio stations around the world.

In 2014 TM Studios acquired BigFish Worldwide. TM launched Imagio and Audio Architecture in 2000. Now Everything has changed!

On June 1, 2015 TM Studios revived both services, merging BigFish into Audio Architecture and Imagio with the help of Dave Meffert, who now produces both libraries. Dave highered a team of producers to help create both Imagio and Audio Architecture and take them to the next level.

About Imagio

Imagio is dedicated to making any type of imaging for any format, simple and powerful. We include unique music and elements that sound bigger, clearer, wider and more unique than anything else around. We’re always in touch with our users and continually updating according to their needs. Personal attention to user requests and fast turnaround keeps it fresh. We’ve got thousands of music beds, FX, sweepers, drones and stagers all organized on a hard drive for quick and easy searching and online automated updating. Imagio has every tool you could ever wish for created by a team of composers from around the world like: James Doman, Alex Greggs, Brad Daymond, Rob Rettberg, Derek Brin, Charles Huntely and Arthur Schaer to name a few. The Imagio team has recently worked on projects for Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson, Girls Inc., South Rakkas, Good Charlotte, Jessica Simpson, M.I.A. And Julio Iglesias to name a few. The Imagio dream is that we stay inside your head and create the elements that make your productions shine. One vision. One sound……IMAGIO.

About Audio Architecture

Audio Architecture is the most diverse and comprehensive library available anywhere – over sixty different composers & hundreds of musicians have contributed to this collection.

With over 19,000 tracks (over 100 gigabites) of raw material, there’s enough depth and variety to meet any production challenge. Musical styles include: Rock, Pop, Dance, Smooth Jazz, Traditional Jazz, Country, Blues, Urban, International, Novelty, Eclectic, Latin, Sports, Holiday, Sound Design Elements, and more!

Audio Architecture goes beyond the usual full and alternate mix options. Our exclusive MPowerMix layers give you access to the building blocks of each full composition. Get as creative as you want! Load the layer mixes into Audition, Pro Tools or any DAW that will read a .wav file and create the perfect mix for your copy!

You get a continuous fresh supply of new material. Audio Architecture is updated 18 times a year! Get updates on disc or download them straight to your Audio Architecture hard drive. Audio Architecture is available on discs, pre-loaded on an external hard drive ready to plug-n-produce and on-line.

Audio Architecture is always fresh, because it’s always in production! Brand-new Audio Architecture suites are released approximately every 3 weeks. That means you have the opportunity to influence the production of the library! User feedback is an essential part of planning future releases. You can contact the producer any time.

Imagio and Audio Architecture combined offer 30 updates per year with over 2600 new tracks/audio files and a base library of over 34,000 tracks/audio files! Check out the demo and imagine having the power of two!

Over 300 stations are now using both libraries at launch. This includes companies like iHeart Media, Cumulus, CBS Radio and lodes of Christian radio stations using them alongside Audible Genesis and Glow.

This is Dave Meffert’s 7TH imaging library to date. He also produces Short Bus Radio, which is TM’S other production library.

Imagio is a hybrid imaging library. you get production FX, Stagers and Sweepers, Music beds and more! Audio Architecture is a production library containing music beds for DJ talkover and promos and production FX.

You can use both libraries together to create the right sound for your radio station that will put your competiters to shame!

Check out Imagio Here,

And check out Audio Architecture here.

The Imagio demo is voiced by Brian Cooney. The Audio Architecture demo is voiced by Jeff Berlin.

Imagio and Audio Architecture has buyout options. They also can be market exclusive. You choose the option that’s best for your station’s imaging needs.

Get Imagio and Audio Architecture on your station now before your competiters get the goodies first and your left in the dust! With all of the FX and beds you’ll receive every month, you’ll be creating new liners and promos and refresh your station sound in no time!