Here is a jingle and imaging company that’s been very popular in recent years and yet, deserves a spot in the imaging showcase.

For those who don’t know, the company is called Zone Radio Imaging.

Here’s more about Zone, from their website.

ZONE makes the freshest and most unique vocal imaging for radio in the world. Weaving a station’s creative visions into musical identification that’s tasty and original, ZONE jingles enhance your on-air branding like no other.

ZONE’s president and composer-in-residence is Bruce Upchurch, whose unique sonic creations have been imbedded into radio’s psyche for years. Respected as an innovator, he has influenced a generation of radio listeners with his brand of aural excitement. Bruce’s radio magic continues to appear in heavy rotation all over the world’s airwaves.

We invite you to listen to ZONE’s online catalog and marvel at our impeccable aural hygiene and mastery of all things mnemonic. We have a good time making great jingles that make our clients very happy.

Bruce is not alone. Dave Meffert, the man who has been re-eventing radio imaging for years, co-founded Zone Radio Imaging along with Bruce. Both Dave and Bruce know how to give current and future clients what they need. They take good care of their clients and treet them like family.

Zone Radio Imaging is baced in the big apple of New York.

I encourage all PD’S and imaging directors. Take a good listen to Zone’s work. Bruce and Dave really work hard to give you the wright sound for your station. Dave produces everything from scratch, using organic vocals and Dave’s own FX library taken from libraries such as Imagio and Short Bus Radio to name afew. The TM Studios website features a category called the Bruce Upcherch Signature Series in the jingles section. That’s another way to hear the newest stuff created by the Zone team.

Get Zone Radio Imaging on your radio station, syndicated and network shows now before it’s to late! You’ll be glad you did!