There’s no dout in my mind that Sabrina Fairchild was, is, and will always be one of the best radio programmers you’ll ever know.

Sabrina started in radio in 1996 as 1 half of the Steve and Sabrina morning show on 104.5 WSNX. Sabrina was also both the imaging director and assistant program director of WSNX from 1997-2005

The Steve and Sabrina morning show became really populer on WSNX until 2005, when they moved to Star 105.7 where Fairchild became the station’s imaging director and assistant program director

The Steve and Sabrina show ended on December 3, 2007. Fairchild left for her first program director role at KVOO Tulsa. She also programmed KHTT as well as hosting middays

Sabrina left KVOO and KHTT in 2009. She then became the program directer and morning show host at St. Louis heritage country giant 92.3 WIL.

Sabrina left WIL St. Louis in 2011 to go back to Grand Rapids to launch and program the now popular CHR WLHT Channel 95-7.

She left WLHT in 2013 to host the Ace and Sabrina show on JQ99.3. She later was the assistant program director. Sabrina left WLHT with it’s ratings record still unmatch today

As of 2015 Sabrina has left West Michigan. She was with Cumulus Media from 2015-2016 as program Director at KBEE, then WRQX Mix 107-3 Washington DC. She left Cumulus on April 1, 2016 to become the program director and morning show host at Orlando’s WPOZ Z88.3, a legendary Christian radio station for all of central Florida

While Sabrina was with Cumulus Media, she was the companies vice president of programming, handeling music and imaging for Cumulus’s 350 stations

Sabrina also published a book, Faith And The Stop Principal. Learning to Surrender, Trust, Obey, and Patiently Wait Upon the Lord in all things. The book has been successful

As I rap this post up, I’ll say just 1 more thing. I’ll be expecting allot of imaging and music restructuring on both ends. Sabrina has done a great job programming and imaging radio stations nation wide. I have no dout she will do a spectacular job at Z88.3, like she’s done before.

PD’s and imaging directors should follow what Sabrina does. Listen to the way she images radio stations and see if you can follow in her footsteps. My imaging tips will help you greatly

Here’s a link to her best selling book.