Here is yet another imaging service created by the world’s well known radio imaging producer Dave Meffert.

It’s called Imaging Arsenal.

From the Imaging Arsenal website, here is some info about this new service.

Imaging Arsenal is a subsidiary of TM Studios, Inc. Our mission is to offer the best imaging libraries in the world.

All libraries within the Arsenal contain great stuff that you can really use at prices you can easily justify – unique sounds and effects produced by the top imaging guys on the planet.

Imaging Arsenal is a buyout imaging service. Imaging Arsenal containes imaging libraries that can be used on any radio format. And if there is a library you would like Imaging Arsenal to represent, just let Dave Meffert and his team know!

Check out Imaging Arsenal here!

This is imaging service #10 for Dave Meffert. I’m going to list all of his imaging creations in the next couple of days, so stay tuned! It might be sooner.

PD’S, Get Imaging Arsenal on your radio station now! You’ll be glad you did!