As promised in my last post, here are all 10 imaging services from Dave Meffert.

Radio stations, these services are going to be listed in randem order. Some are buyout, some are market exclusive.

As a side note, the reason BigFish Worldwide isn’t listed here is because TM Studios acquired the buyout company and merged BigFish into Imagio and Audio Architecture on June 1, 2015. Because of this, both Imagio and Audio Architecture can be buyout libraries, or can be market exclusive.

360 Country

Complete Hit Radio CHR

Pure AC

Short Bus Radio



Audio Architecture

Audible Genesis


Imaging Arsenal

Promo Beds

Of course, Dave co-founded Zone Radio Imaging earlier in 2015 and he continues to produce jingles and imaging for TM Studios. You can read more about Zone Radio Imaging when you explore this blog. You’ll also read all about the full story of Dave Meffert.

I highly recommend all of Dave Meffert’s imaging services. I love all of them equally.

Get these services on your station now! You’ll be glad you did!