Here are some questions from the Splat! website regarding the Splat! imaging library.

After these questions, I’ll add one of my own that a couple of PD’s have been asking me.

You’ve Got Questions – We’ve Got Answers

Question 1

Q: How can I get Splat! for my radio station?

A: This is an easy one!  Just fill out the webform on this site to create a Splat! account.  We’ll follow up with you by e-mail to confirm it and that’s about it, pretty simple stuff.

Question 2

Q: Splat! is market exclusive.  What does this mean exactly?

A: This means that when you get Splat!, you get to be the only kid on your block to rock the sounds of Splat!  This also means if you get Splat! before your competition does, they are left out in the cold. Bad for them, good for you.

Question 3

Q: Is there a version of Splat! available for my radio format?

A: Well, that depends on your format.  But likely, yes. Splat! is available in 8 radio formats including CHR, Rock, Urban, Classic Rock, Talk and News Talk, Country, Sports and AC!  So unless your radio format is Opera or Bulgarian Folk, chances are a version of Splat! will work for you.

Question 4

Q: I am a current member of the Splat! nation, will my old password work on the new Splat! website?

A: No. You will need to log in to your account to establish a new password to the new site.  It’s a painless process.  If you need help, just drop us a line and we’ll hook you up.

Question 5

Q: My company uses Rock Splat!, Pop Splat! and we just signed up for AC Splat!  Will I need three passwords on your new site?

A: No.  One password will rule them all (sorry, Lord of the Rings reference.) We let you access every Splat! package that you are authorized to use.  Just log in and everything is there for your easy use.

Question 6

Q: I’ve never used an imaging package before, but I am considering signing up for Splat!  Is using an imaging package important?

A: Yes, we think so, that’s why we put so much effort into making Splat! radio’s #1 imaging package.  But whether you decide to go with Splat! or another choice, an imaging package is a very valuable resource for busy production and programming pros.  Splat! is a huge time saver and allows you to work faster and smarter, providing pre-produced station IDs and promos that you can easily and quickly customize.  Plus we give you tons of other stuff like production effects, music, listeners, etc., so you can spend your time producing rather than hunting all over for great sounding stuff.

Question 7

Q: Do you take requests?

A: If you want us to play Justin Bieber, then no.  But if you want us to produce something in particular, then yes, of course!  We love your input, suggestions and requests.  We depend of members of the Splat! nation to let us know what they like the most and what they use the most.  Splat! is actually your imaging package, so let us know what is on your mind. And if you really, really need a Justin Bieber promo, we’ll make it happen.

Question 8.

Q: I’m considering using Splat! Can Dave Meffert voice my station?

A: Yes. Dave Meffert is the default voice on all of the Splat! imaging packages. You are given the option of using Dave’s voice or using your own voice talent. When your ready to use Dave’s voice, just shoot him and email at

Hope this answers some or all of your questions!