This just in from the Ailien imaging Sound Desine Facebook page.

After 13 years of running my little Radio Sound Design company Alien Imaging Sound Design solo I’m proud to announce I’ve taken on a great new partner in the amazingly creative peeps at Benztown Branding. Major hat tip to my new partners Andreas Sannemann Dave Chachi Denes Charles Scott Mayton Masa Patterson Christopher Jack Johansing – thanks for making this happen!

I’ve entertained various options like this over the years – most would have had me shutter my creation – Alien Imaging and go to work anonymously making sounds for their services. I always politely let those “opportunities” fade away.

Then came Benztown. Not only have I hung out with these guys – partied with them – worked with them – done lewd, debaucherous things with them – I actually LIKE them! And they had a radically different idea. They wanted to invest in and help me build Alien Imaging. That is extremely exciting.

So we’re partners in Alien Imaging now. I continue making Sounds – Benz tells the world about them.

I’ve committed to producing more work than I’ve done in the past. That’s a little scary from a creative perspective – but that’s exactly why I agreed. Because it’s a little scary. How Seth Godin is THAT! wink emoticon

And from All Access.

BENZTOWN has entered into an agreement with JEFF SCHMIDT to acquire 50% of ALIEN IMAGING, a SAN FRANCISCO-based company. Concurrently, BENZTOWN announces that it will offer ALIEN IMAGING’s new audio production package, “AI FX”, to radio stations for cash or barter. The new audio imaging package includes 300 brand new sound effects, music elements, drones, and other creative Imaging elements.

BENZTOWN Pres. DAVE “CHACHI” DENES said, “We are fired up to be partnering with JEFF. He’s an icon amongst Imaging Directors and his sound design truly is out of this world! (No pun intended). Offering JEFF’s brilliant new AI FX will be welcome news to current BENZTOWN and ALIEN IMAGING customers. The quality, and creativity of these 300+ new sounds, paired with Alien Imaging’s outstanding back catalogues, will enhance our existing Benztown production libraries and make stations sound incredible, regardless of format or market size.”

ALIEN IMAGING Pres. JEFF SCHMIDT said, “The ALIEN doesn’t speak human. He communicates only in strange and wonderful sounds we happen to find useful for Radio Imaging. On this epic partnership he said ‘Zzzip Visssivvv Epipipipi wap ap ap ap!’ Which loosely translates to ‘BENZTOWN Rules — others drool. Now hold still while I download your brain.’ I am thrilled to partner with the inspiring and insanely talented people at BENZTOWN.”

With the new partnership comes a brand new website for the company as well as the first in a long tirm series of FX packages AI FX volume 1.

From the new Ailien Imaging Sound Desine website.


The first in a new breed of quarterly Alien Imaging releases.

AI-FX v1 is 300+ artfully crafted sonic style elements. Designed for producers striving for sleek Radio Station Image Branding that slices through on-air with unmistakably modern sonic DNA.


Over 500 total individual FX Elements

• 180+ Promo Sweeper Starter / Kicker / Separator FX elements

• 25 Loops with FX mix outs (75 elements total)

• 50+ Drone/textures with FX mixouts (150 elements total)

• 60 Nano FX – un-obtrusive yet still ultra modern and sleek

• 15 Alien Wubs – you know the wubs – you luv the wubs – these are the Alien kind!

Quarterly Updates available for Barter to qualified Stations via Benztown.

Contact Masa Patterson for details. (818) 842-4600

Benztown is one of the most used imaging companies in the United States, next to Dave Meffert and the team at TM Studios/Zone Radio Imaging. Benztown has 21 imaging libraries serving 13 radio formats. Benztown is a barter only company, no cash.

Benztown’s imaging libraries are market exclusive. Get Benztown on your station now before the competition races away with it and your left out in the cold!

Here’s where you can find out more about Benztown’s libraries.

As a side note, Ailien Imaging Sound Desine is still a buyout imaging company. The new website sees most of the older libraries gone and replaced with libraries from 2010-present.

Get Ailien Imaging Sound Desine on your station now!

Listen to Alien Imaging libraries here!