With the new Radio Disney Country branding launching this fall, I have some thoughts I would like to share.

First, this has been a long time since we have seen a country radio brand pop up. With this new brand, Country stations are in complete controle with the overall imaging, music selection, and where the format is going as a whole. Country stations will be able to play the same music as there network counterpart.

I love this concept. Mediabace recognizes Radio Disney’s CHR playlist as the place to go for stations to shape the overall sound of the CHR format. It’ll be interesting to hear how this is going to turn out. The radio industry has taken noticed and is started to heviely promote this new concept. Country radio will never be the same.

The overall music, jingles and imaging will change how the Country radio format will be. From what I’m hearing, I’m going to expect that Country and CHR will be cousins.

More information will be relieced regarding this new branding. Keep checking this blog, I’ll be posting more when new information becomes available! I can tell you that the radio industry has taken noticed and has started to promote this new brand heviely.