Today marks the 10 year anniversary of Zone Radio Imaging

Founded by Bruce Upcherch and Dave Meffert in 2005, Zone Radio Imaging is baced in New York, New York and creates radio jingles for every format possible.

When TM started representing Zone in 2007 things took off for the company.

Dave not only works with Zone, but he creates imaging services and produces radio jingle packages for TM Studios. He also has imaging libraries for every format possible.

Happy 10 year anniversary, Zone Radio Imaging! And here’s to 10 more years of the best radio jingles and imaging we come to know from Bruce, Dave and the team!

Here’s a link for you to check out the Bruce Upcherch signature series.

Side Note: Beverley Staunton is the lead singer on Zone packages containing a full group sing. You can read all about Beverley on this blog, just click on the Beverley Staunton Category and you’ll find a post about this incredible vocalist!