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Here’s yet another imaging tip from yours truely.

Is your imaging up to date? If it isn’t or it’s been some time since the imaging on your station has changed, here are some ways to make sure your station’s imaging stays current.

The imaging library or FX package may be out of print. Try updating your station’s imaging library or FX package. Companies like Sticky FX the netherlends/United States and Dave Meffert have lots of great stuff you can use on your station.

Your jingles don’t really fit the format and overall sound of your station anymore or it’s really a really old jingle package. Time to change your jingle package!

Your current imaging voice talent may have retired or passed away recently. In cases like these it’s time for a change. You may want to change your voice talent if you don’t want to use him/her anymore or if your voice talent doesn’t fit the format like he/she use to.

I hope this helps! and know that if your interested in my recommendations, feel free to contact me via the contact me section. Thanks!