After hearing the relaunched Big Fish Worldwide, I can safely say that it is worth buying and using on your radio station or podcast.

Big Fish is being used on radio stations and networks such as American Family Radio, KJNW Kansas City, The Joy FM, and KTTS to name afew. Big Fish is not only used on CCM stations, but other radio stations and formats are using BigFish in their productions. In total, the company has been relaunched on over 2500 radio stations and networks around the world. And they are just getting started!

Big Fish has everything you could ever want and need for all of your station’s productions. Music beds, and sound effects also refered to as sound desine elements. Plus with Big Fish weekely, you get more music beds and sound effects for you to play with.

The Boddem line is if your not using the relaunched Big Fish Worldwide, your missing out big time.

Get the new sound of BigFish Worldwide on your radio station or network now! You’ll be glad you did!

As a side note, Ian Stergen just finished remastering all of the packages he created with Dave Meffert and those packages are available both sepretly, and in the newely created Big Fish Unlimited service.