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July 2015

Short Bus Radio now available to Cumulus stations

Short Bus Radio is now available to Cumulus owned radio stations.

Are you a Cumulus station and your ready to change things up in your production and imaging sound? Short Bus Radio is the answer!

Of corce, everybody can use Short Bus Radio on any radio station. But Cumulus radio stations who use Short Bus Radio reepe the bennifits. They get all 15 years worth of imaging, one on one support, and more!

Just so you know, The 15 years worth of imaging is not just for Cumulus stations. it’s for everyone!

Cumulus last month took over Short Bus Radio from Dial Global and is distributing Short Bus Radio under it’s Westwood One division.

Founded by Dave Meffert in 2004, Short Bus Radio is the answer to what I will refere to as sleepy imaging. You get imaging shells, music beds and effects spisific to your format, artist intros and beatmixes and afew more surprises! 800 radio stations from various formats have gotten on bord since 2004. Now it’s your turn!

The sweepers on short bus radio are 5-15 seconds in length, making it eazy for radio stations to just drop in their station voice. You can make the sweeper shells as long or short as you like.

Whether your a cumulus station or not, I highly recommend using Short Bus Radio. you’ll sound better, have more free time, and for once, all of your imaging will be taken care of in a matter of weeks. Like I said Short Bus Radio is for everyone, you don’t have to be a Cumulus station to use this huge imaging library.

New and potential clients can get a 30 day free trial of Short Bus Radio to test out in their imaging. Don’t like it after 30 days? It’s A OK, just let them know and you don’t have to pay them a penny!

Short Bus Radio. If your not on the bus, your under it! Get on bord!

Some other news regarding Short Bus Radio is that they updated all of their format demos. You can find those on their website as well.

Get Short Bus Radio on your radio station today before the bus runs out of seats,! Trust me, you don’t want to be left out on all of the fun. How sad would that be?

Even though I’m just a listener, I love promoting imaging libraries such as this to help them gane more clients and stay busy year round.


New package now available from TM Studios. Brite AC

Dave Meffert and the team at TM Studios are at it again! This is TM’S 10TH custom jingle package this year to date, and the company shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

TM Studios are proud to introduce… Brite AC!


BRITE-AC rides a nice line between AC and CHR. Perhaps it’s perfect for your standard Hot AC or Adult CHR station or maybe it’s the “Energy-Boost” your traditional AC has been missing.

Not too LITE, not too HOT – just BRITE.

Built for our friends at WMGQ-FM (Magic 98.3), BRITE-AC brings a positive sound to your brand with just enough POP-Edge to keep you sounding like TODAY. Loaded with an ample 15-Cuts, BRITE-AC brings the Slogans, Shotguns and Ramps you expect plus TRANSITION cuts for seamless tempo changes and multiple Morning show cuts. As an added bonus we’ve also got you covered for the Holidays!

If your and AC, Hot AC or Christian station this package is definitely for you. The package works with any logo melidy you want to use, as well as creating a positive vibe for your station’s branding.

I predict that this is going to be another winner for TM. Greg Clancy and Dave Meffert really know how to create really good jingle packages that’ll last a long time.

Check out the new Brite AC jingle package here!

This package is market exclusive. Grab Brite AC on your station now, before it’s too late!

We’re still waiting on Dave Meffert and the TM Studios team to reliece the new updating Hot AC Jingle service, however Complete Hit Radio CHR has hit the CHR and Hot AC markets already, and it’s only going to gane more success in time.

Radio Disney CHR brand gives way to new CHR Hits Now! network

There is a new network in town as Radio Disney CHR branding goes away in favor of a brand new CHR network created by Westwood One called Hits Now!

Here is all the info about the new network.

HITS NOW is Top 40 for the 21st Century! The best of pop, urban, alternative, hip-hop, and rock music – all packaged with an upbeat attitude. It’s the ultimate mass appeal, high-impact format, playing the most popular hits, packaged with imaging that captures a youthful spirit.

As you can tell, Westwood One created a teen oriented CHR format that has been in the works for over 2 years. This network is now on the air and is on all CHR stations that were previously under the Radio Disney handle.

The network uses Short Bus Radio CHR and stations can localize the imaging however they want.

I’m hearing Hits Now! on most of the CHR stations owned by Cumulus and I can say that this new venture is worth airing.

Contact Westwood One now to air Hits Now! in your market. Find out what 3000+ stations already know about the new network. Lock Hits Now! on your station now before the competition does!

Dave Meffert. Now doing television news music production!

Dave Meffert is now adding Television to his list of production responceabilities.

Starting now Dave is partnering with Warner/Chappel Music, 360 Music,, and Stephen Arnold Music to provide television stations with the best well known news music packages to use in their newscasts.

Here is some info about each news division that Dave is partnering with.

About Warner/Chappel Music.

Award-Winning Custom & Syndicated News Music Packages.

For over 35 years, Warner/Chappell Production Music’s news teams, 615 Music, Gari Music and Non-Stop Music, have been composing some of the worlds most successful and memorable news music packages.

Our news music is being heard by millions of people every day. We are a world leader in news themes.

Whether it’s an existing, proven package or a new custom package created especially for you, our news music builds loyal audiences.

About 360 Music.

360 Music is a full service music production company specializing in innovative cross-platform sonic branding for television stations and networks. With offices in San Diego, Nashville, and Dallas, 360 Music is the fastest growing provider of news music and branding packages for local television stations.

It is our philosophic approach on every project to emotionally connect our client’s brand to their message and audience through music. We believe that in today’s market, branded music must be created in new, revolutionary, and authentic ways in order to connect with what an audience really listens and responds to.

360 Music commands a solid understanding of sonic branding for local television stations. Each package stands alone, with strong intros and repeating hooks. The sonic brands were designed to make an instant impression and function in a variety of media platforms.

About Stephen Arnold Music.

The most-heard, least-known composers in America.

Based in Dallas with offices in New York and San Diego and additional studios in Santa Fe, Stephen Arnold Music is an internationally acclaimed music production company servicing television networks, cable channels, TV stations, film houses and advertising agencies worldwide.

Stephen Arnold Music is widely regarded as the leading producer of original music for the broadcasting industry with music compositions heard daily in over 100+million American homes. Prolific and versatile, hundreds of our compositions are on the air somewhere right now.

I highly recommend any 1of the 3 TV news music companies. I posted links to them in the beginning of this post.

You can listen to 615 and Non Stop Music packages on the Warner/Chappel page, but not the Gari packages as you’ll have to get intuch with the company if you want to use a Gari package on your TV station’s local newscast.

All other companies have packages you can listen to online.

All 3 companies have packages with memorable logo melidies like the 3 note NBC logo and chimes, I Love Chicago, Chicago My Home for CBS stations, and more. you’ll just have to listen and hear what they have to offer.

Get any 1 of these 3 companies on your station’s newscast today! You’ll love the production work that Dave Meffert is famous for.

Imaging tip: what not to do with your station’s imaging

In this imaging tip, I show you what not to do with your station’s imaging, and how to solve most issues.

I hear some stations change their slogan or tagline with a good imaging budgit, but don’t change the imaging on the station.

The very first thing I would suggest is to carefully evaluate your current imaging, then purchase new jingles and imaging if need be. Don’t be like some stations and do nothing.

If you have a new slogan and it fits your format, then by all means, purchase new jingles and imaging that works with your new tagline.

If you want to keep your imaging short and to the point, then get packages like Splat! and Short Bus Radio. Both Dave Meffert libraries that containes sweeper shells that are quick 5-15 second shells that you can use for creative imaging and stuff like that. Dave has 20 years of radio imaging production experience. Short Bus Radio and Splat! are his first 2 really successful imaging packages.

I would highly recommend Reelworld and TM Studios for jingles. Reelworld also has it’s own library called Production Vault and a updating jingle service called Reelworld One.

IMGR and Imaging Blueprint are good recommendations, to!

Another well thought out imaging library is The Radio Imaging Library.

But no matter what you choose for jingles and imaging, Please take this imaging tip seriously. You don’t want to use outdated imaging libraries and jingle packages. If you change your slogan, then change your imaging to reflect the new tagline.

If you are already using Short Bus Radio or another updating imaging library prier to your slogan change, then well done! That’s 1 step done. Feel free to change your jingles to refleckt the new positioner.

Don’t be like some stations who eather decide not to use jingles anymore and use sweepers and promos to image the station, or who decide they rather keep the same jingles but do little sweeper updating. If I were you, I would update both jingles and sweepers/promos.

I hope this helps!

The PBS Newshour debuts new theme music

The PBS news article on their blog reports that the PBS Newshour tonight has debuted a new graffics package and new music, composed by Edd Kalehoff, and produced by Dave Meffert.

The article reads as followes.

You’re not hearing things — the PBS NewsHour has new theme music.

With our new look debuting on tonight’s broadcast will also come brand new music, recorded in a months-long process involving more than 40 musicians and dozens of instruments.

The theme’s composer Edd Kalehoff, who has also composed music for “The Price is Right,” ABC’s “World News Tonight” and “Good Morning America,” among others, said he began the process by watching NewsHour — a lot of NewsHour — and learning more about the program’s legacy. The music balances a variety of elements and moods, aiming to move the program forward while respecting its tradition, Kalehoff said.

The new main title is composed in the key of C and begins with an ascending brass section, with French horns dominating a developmental bridge. The horns are joined by a string section that interweaves with the melody in “a kind of tapestry,” Kalehoff said.

It is rooted in a traditional orchestral sound, but several elements, such as a grunge-influenced electric chug guitar, bring an updated, “modern” feel to the new music, he said. Kalehoff also added some sequenced synthesizer sounds to several transitions, a move meant to convey the influence of digital technology, he said. It is also meant to balance the expansiveness of the program’s coverage with the intimacy of its relationship with viewers. “I wanted to be able to draw in the viewer with trust,” he said.

NewsHour’s new theme music is part of a larger history of music serving as an important component of a broadcast news show’s identity, one that extends back to the 1960s, Kalehoff said.

One of the first widely-used television themes came from the “Tar Sequence” scene in the 1967 Paul Newman movie “Cool Hand Luke,” in which a prison crew races to lay down blacktop on a rural road. Composer Lalo Schifrin wrote the scene’s adrenaline-inducing soundtrack with a strong drum and brass line, overlaid with a woodwind staccato rhythm, to accompany the workers’ speed.

Warner Brothers licensed the “Tar Sequence” music to ABC News for its program “Eyewitness News” in 1968, and the theme spread to other local ABC affiliates. It was a “big move forward” for the role of theme music in news shows, Kalehoff said.

The music’s widespread appearance on news programs did cause some confusion for Schifrin, who said in an interview with the Archive of American Television that years later, people were asking him why he incorporated the “Eyewitness News” theme into the soundtrack.

The 1970s brought a variety of new theme music on local news shows, many of which had a strong influence from disco rhythms. The NewsHour, in its first incarnation as the “MacNeil/Lehrer Report,” had a horn-dominated theme with an upbeat, casual rhythm.

The development of new synthesizing recording techniques in the 1970s opened up new possibilities for composition, Kalehoff said. One example: the “ticking” sound from the “60 Minutes” theme, which Kalehoff helped to record. “No one could get a stopwatch to sound like ‘tick-tick-tick’ when they put the microphone too close to it — you’d hear all the springs and levers and it didn’t sound like a stopwatch,” he said. “We had filters with the synthesizers that could take all that out.”

Broadcast news music hit another milestone in the 1980s with John Williams’ composition of “The Mission,” an orchestral piece for NBC News. NBC has used music from “The Mission” for a number of years on its programs, including “NBC Nightly News” and “Meet the Press.”

Meanwhile, the NewsHour rebranded to become “The MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour” in 1983, and with it came a new theme. The melody stayed similar to the older theme, but this one was shorter, with a clear build and decisive end on a three-note sequence.

Then, in 2009, the show became the “PBS NewsHour” with another musical update:

Kalehoff said the newest music makes a strong statement: “We’re growing. We’re important. We’re here to stay.”

You can hear the new theme music, along with the newshour’s other themes in the article link at the beginning of this post.

I’ll also post links to television news music companies websites in the next few days for TV stations who want new imaging for their newscasts.

Feel free to leave your comments regarding all PBS newshour themes both on the PBS news article and on this post. I would love to know what you guys think!

Watch The PBS Newshour every weeknight on your local PBS station to hear the new theme music and it’s mixouts. Check your local listings to find The PBS Newshour in your area! timezones vary by state.

Real Radio, Smooth Radio, and The Bee 2015 from Ignite Jingles

Ignite Jingles Has relieced 3 new jingle packages for 2015.

Here are descriptions about each package, taken from their website.

Real Radio

Now available from Ignite Jingles, the iconic sound of Real Radio. This collection of 13 cuts crosses all Hot AC musical genres, from dance to pop, rock to ballads. Plus, with a large set of Christmas jingles and custom cuts for breakfast, winners and the top of the hour, it’s a crammed package of jingles with a melody that’ll get stuck in your head from the moment it goes on air!

Also included: news, weather, sport and travel beds with lots of lite mixes and stabs, plus a suite of logo-driven drones for high intensity station promotions.

Smooth Radio

Heard across the UK by 3.3 million listeners, this is Smooth Radio from Ignite Jingles. Ideal for AC or Classic Hits formats, these tracks feature live instrumentation and are available with European or American vocals. And with a wide range of musical styles, plus lite mixes of all tracks, you can be sure that you can match every song with its perfect jingle!

Check out the Smooth 70s versions to hear how this package sounds when sung in the USA.

The Bee

Created almost ten years after their legendary launch package, this is the new Hot AC jingle package for The Bee in the UK. Seven jingle themes that cover all of today’s music styles, each with ramp, slogan and shotgun mixes. We can sing this package in the language of your choice, with the logo of your choice (subject to copyright restrictions)

“With so many companies to choose from these days when it comes to jingles, you need to be able to put the trust into who is creating your on-air package. Chris is great to work with, he listens to what you are wanting to achieve and delivers. The final product for us at The Bee was exactly what I had imagined, the show and station sings are spot on and the team love them!”

Gemma Baron – Programme Controller – The Bee

All 3 jingle packages were produced by Dave Meffert and Ignite Jingles together.

All of ignite’s jingle packages are available to US stations from TM Studios in Dallas.

You can hear the Smooth 70’s version of Smooth Radio here.

All 3 packages are market exclusive. Get any of these packages on your station today before your competitor does!

Reelworld verces TM: has Reelworld met it’s match?

I’m going to compare 2 of the worlds popular jingle companies and see how much success they both have going for them.

Let’s start with Dave Meffert and his cracked team at TM Studios.

TM Studioshas been around for decades, under various ownerships.

TM Studios was named after radio jingle founder Tom Merryman in the 50’s and has evolved ever since.

Reelworld, howeveris a different story. Reelworld launched in 1994 and has been around since then.

So, has Reelworld met it’s match today? Yes and no. Dave Meffert and the staff at TM has been enjoying major success since Dave started producing jingle and imaging packages for TM in 2010. I wouldn’t count Reelworld out, though. Even though Reelworld has some work to do to keep up with today’s radio standerds, I think that they have what it takes to pull it off.

Reelworld has Production Vault and Reelworld One, and TM has Imagio, Short Bus Radio and a number of updating jingle and imaging services.

So I say that both jingle companies are clearly doing fine. However TM has a slight lead over Reelworld in tirms of updating services and the amount of stations using them. I wouldn’t imagine TM winning this battle in today’s radio imaging world.

The boddem line is I would highly recommend both jingle companies. They both are doing fantastic! I would recommend TM more because of Dave Meffert’s production.

I hope you understand all of this.

Kissville and YoungGuns Studios. The original updaters

I would like to bring the 2 original updaters to my attention, and also back to life.

Kissville and YoungGuns Studios are the 2 original updaters and very successful.

About Kissville.

Kissville is a true CHR Jingle package. With everything get chopped screwed, stuttered and smashed we keep things tight. Power to the Producer is our motto and we deliver. Shotguns, slogans, ramps and beds. Drum mixes for beat-matching, acapellas, logos for sweepers, seasonal stuff and playlist inspired themes. And all of that at LAUNCH. New Jingles every month? Why NOT! It’s an ever-evolving branding package that updates monthly and stay in sync with your music.

About YoungGuns Studios.

The ORIGINAL Country updater, Young Guns puts attitude into Country Jingles. Young Guns is brought to you from the same folks who delivered Kissville, Litehouse and RhythMix. It’s a jingle/imaging package that updates monthly. We’ve sourced a team of the finest musicians, writers and producers to create the best radio jingles ever. Delivered with Group, Solo or Harmony vocals (sampled below) it can and WILL be customized to fit your station’s identity.

Kissville launched in 2006 and YoungGuns Studios launched in 2008. Since then they both have come along way and are now the 2 powerful and successful services.

Dave Meffert and the TM Studios team have taken over Kissville and YoungGuns Studios since 2013. Ever since the takeover, Dave has remixed over 10 and a half years worth of jingles and imaging. When you sign up you will receive a full starter kit with exactly 10 years worth of jingles and imaging. After that you will get 8 jingles per month (Kissville) and 6 jingles per month (YoungGuns Studios.)

Hear what all of the buzz is about and get Kissville and YoungGuns Studios on your station today before the competition gets it first, because both services are market exclusive! I highly recommend them both and you’ll love them!

Learn more about Kissville and hear the cut by cut package here,

And learn more about YoungGuns Studios and hear the cut by cut package here.

Here is a funny story as to how Kissville got it’s start, taken from the Kissville website. Maybe this will persuade you to get it on your station.

Have a beer…

So this musician walks up to the bar to order a beer and overhears some radio guys talking about how lame CHR jingle packages have become. Not content to mind his own business, get his beer and go back to his table, he invites himself into the conversation. Fast forward: several dozen beers and four hours later KissVille, the world’s first continually updating jingle/imaging package is born at precisely 12:37AM. (At least that’s how we remember that chilly New England night.) We thought it was a great idea, but who knew KissVille would explode onto the radio scene and take CHR by storm? We didn’t. Now as we mark our first anniversary (with beers at that same bar!) KissVille is powering the imaging on scores of great radio stations in major markets on five continents. And we’re already spawning copycats from the old school dudes…so we must be doing something right.

We’ve kept KissVille focused on the imaging you want and need…avoiding old school, gimmicky imaging elements that research poorly. (Yeah, we looked at the research.)

Since those first beers back in 2005, we’ve grown into a world-wide phenomenon. We actually had to quit our day jobs in the music business and start a company to handle all the work that radio was bringing to us: Vineyard Sound Studios.

It’s a good thing, because soon programmers and consultants from other formats were banging on our humble doors begging us to develop imaging for their formats. In the summer of 2007 we launched RhythMix for Urban and RhythMix CHR on New York’s HOT 97 and K104 in Dallas.

Over the summer of 2007 we worked with CBS to bring the KissVille concept to AC radio. LITEhouse Studios, the first continually updating jingle/imaging service for AC radio was launched on LITE 103.7 in Dallas.

Vineyard Sound Studios: Musicians + Programmers + Beer = killer imaging and a dedication to customer service unequalled in the business.

And the story behind YoungGuns Studios, taken from the YoungGuns Website.

So let’s talk YoungGuns…

The concept is really simple. We’re into country radio jingle imaging. We think it should be better than anything else you’ve heard, and we think it should continue to evolve.

So that’s what we’ve done. A full country jingle package with all the stuff you need – ramps, morning show cuts, a whole stack of shotguns etc etc – and then every month we’re creating new audio for you. Production beds that sound like they’re part of your station… jingles that keep up with today’s country playlists… elements that your production guy will find really useful.

Why do we think we can do it? Cos we’ve already done it with CHR and AC! You’ve probably heard of Kissville, which supplies over 100 stations worldwide with new jingle imaging every single month. And our creative team at LITEhouse are doing the same for AC stations, with clients in the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia.

We’re making it… you want it. And there’s no reason not to get it. YoungGuns is available cash or barter, but it’s market exclusive so move quickly before someone else on your dial calls us. And then the fun really starts. Whether you want group vocals or solos, whether you like crazy vocal effects or you want it straight, we’re ready to schedule your session and deliver you new, evolving, completely fresh country jingle package.

Of Corce, Litehouse Studios is no longer in production, as Dave Meffert is working on Pure AC.

Imaging Tip. Kissville and YoungGuns Studios will work nicely with the most powerful and popular imaging library in the United States, Short Bus Radio. Pare them up and sound amazing!

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