I know it’s still the holiday weekend, but I might as well post this new company in the imaging showcase.

This one is called Ignite Jingles.

Welcome to Ignite Jingles. We’re a UK based jingle company, combining US production values with UK vocals to produce what we feel is a fairly unique sound. We invite you to discover for yourself though; our first package is for Cool FM in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and every cut can now be heard on this site.

Ignite Jingles is owned and managed by Chris Stevens, who spent five years as the Creative Director of TM Studios in Dallas before returning to his native England last summer. Chris is extremely passionate about jingles, and strongly believes that every station should be able to run excellent imaging; regardless of size. The only limit is imagination!

Ignite is part of Devaweb, who have been imaging stations in the UK, Europe and the Middle East for over ten years. This means that we understand the stresses and challenges of today’s radio. That’s why you can be sure that you’re working with people who appreciate the need for strong, effective, memorable jingles that stand out without overshadowing the rest of your presentation.

But enough about us… tell us about you! We’d love to chat about the perfect jingle package for your station. Get in touch and let’s natter.

Finally, thanks for checking out Ignite Jingles. We’re excited!

The description of Ignite Jingles were taken from their brand new website, which just went live this morning. You can find ignite jingles here.

Ignite Jingles has been around for 10 years now. The company launched in 2005 and has put other international jingle companies to shame! With the new website, and partnership with TM Studios in Dallas for jingle sales in the US, Ignite Jingles has found it’s neesh!

I highly recommend Ignite Jingles for your radio station. Whether your station is in Americah or France, UK or Europe your station will sound awesome!

Have a listen to all of their packages and contact Ignite Jingles or TM Studios and get the fresh sound of Ignite Jingles on your radio station today! You’ll be glad you did!