I would like to bring the 2 original updaters to my attention, and also back to life.

Kissville and YoungGuns Studios are the 2 original updaters and very successful.

About Kissville.

Kissville is a true CHR Jingle package. With everything get chopped screwed, stuttered and smashed we keep things tight. Power to the Producer is our motto and we deliver. Shotguns, slogans, ramps and beds. Drum mixes for beat-matching, acapellas, logos for sweepers, seasonal stuff and playlist inspired themes. And all of that at LAUNCH. New Jingles every month? Why NOT! It’s an ever-evolving branding package that updates monthly and stay in sync with your music.

About YoungGuns Studios.

The ORIGINAL Country updater, Young Guns puts attitude into Country Jingles. Young Guns is brought to you from the same folks who delivered Kissville, Litehouse and RhythMix. It’s a jingle/imaging package that updates monthly. We’ve sourced a team of the finest musicians, writers and producers to create the best radio jingles ever. Delivered with Group, Solo or Harmony vocals (sampled below) it can and WILL be customized to fit your station’s identity.

Kissville launched in 2006 and YoungGuns Studios launched in 2008. Since then they both have come along way and are now the 2 powerful and successful services.

Dave Meffert and the TM Studios team have taken over Kissville and YoungGuns Studios since 2013. Ever since the takeover, Dave has remixed over 10 and a half years worth of jingles and imaging. When you sign up you will receive a full starter kit with exactly 10 years worth of jingles and imaging. After that you will get 8 jingles per month (Kissville) and 6 jingles per month (YoungGuns Studios.)

Hear what all of the buzz is about and get Kissville and YoungGuns Studios on your station today before the competition gets it first, because both services are market exclusive! I highly recommend them both and you’ll love them!

Learn more about Kissville and hear the cut by cut package here,

And learn more about YoungGuns Studios and hear the cut by cut package here.

Here is a funny story as to how Kissville got it’s start, taken from the Kissville website. Maybe this will persuade you to get it on your station.

Have a beer…

So this musician walks up to the bar to order a beer and overhears some radio guys talking about how lame CHR jingle packages have become. Not content to mind his own business, get his beer and go back to his table, he invites himself into the conversation. Fast forward: several dozen beers and four hours later KissVille, the world’s first continually updating jingle/imaging package is born at precisely 12:37AM. (At least that’s how we remember that chilly New England night.) We thought it was a great idea, but who knew KissVille would explode onto the radio scene and take CHR by storm? We didn’t. Now as we mark our first anniversary (with beers at that same bar!) KissVille is powering the imaging on scores of great radio stations in major markets on five continents. And we’re already spawning copycats from the old school dudes…so we must be doing something right.

We’ve kept KissVille focused on the imaging you want and need…avoiding old school, gimmicky imaging elements that research poorly. (Yeah, we looked at the research.)

Since those first beers back in 2005, we’ve grown into a world-wide phenomenon. We actually had to quit our day jobs in the music business and start a company to handle all the work that radio was bringing to us: Vineyard Sound Studios.

It’s a good thing, because soon programmers and consultants from other formats were banging on our humble doors begging us to develop imaging for their formats. In the summer of 2007 we launched RhythMix for Urban and RhythMix CHR on New York’s HOT 97 and K104 in Dallas.

Over the summer of 2007 we worked with CBS to bring the KissVille concept to AC radio. LITEhouse Studios, the first continually updating jingle/imaging service for AC radio was launched on LITE 103.7 in Dallas.

Vineyard Sound Studios: Musicians + Programmers + Beer = killer imaging and a dedication to customer service unequalled in the business.

And the story behind YoungGuns Studios, taken from the YoungGuns Website.

So let’s talk YoungGuns…

The concept is really simple. We’re into country radio jingle imaging. We think it should be better than anything else you’ve heard, and we think it should continue to evolve.

So that’s what we’ve done. A full country jingle package with all the stuff you need – ramps, morning show cuts, a whole stack of shotguns etc etc – and then every month we’re creating new audio for you. Production beds that sound like they’re part of your station… jingles that keep up with today’s country playlists… elements that your production guy will find really useful.

Why do we think we can do it? Cos we’ve already done it with CHR and AC! You’ve probably heard of Kissville, which supplies over 100 stations worldwide with new jingle imaging every single month. And our creative team at LITEhouse are doing the same for AC stations, with clients in the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia.

We’re making it… you want it. And there’s no reason not to get it. YoungGuns is available cash or barter, but it’s market exclusive so move quickly before someone else on your dial calls us. And then the fun really starts. Whether you want group vocals or solos, whether you like crazy vocal effects or you want it straight, we’re ready to schedule your session and deliver you new, evolving, completely fresh country jingle package.

Of Corce, Litehouse Studios is no longer in production, as Dave Meffert is working on Pure AC.

Imaging Tip. Kissville and YoungGuns Studios will work nicely with the most powerful and popular imaging library in the United States, Short Bus Radio. Pare them up and sound amazing!