I’m going to compare 2 of the worlds popular jingle companies and see how much success they both have going for them.

Let’s start with Dave Meffert and his cracked team at TM Studios.

TM Studioshas been around for decades, under various ownerships.

TM Studios was named after radio jingle founder Tom Merryman in the 50’s and has evolved ever since.

Reelworld, howeveris a different story. Reelworld launched in 1994 and has been around since then.

So, has Reelworld met it’s match today? Yes and no. Dave Meffert and the staff at TM has been enjoying major success since Dave started producing jingle and imaging packages for TM in 2010. I wouldn’t count Reelworld out, though. Even though Reelworld has some work to do to keep up with today’s radio standerds, I think that they have what it takes to pull it off.

Reelworld has Production Vault and Reelworld One, and TM has Imagio, Short Bus Radio and a number of updating jingle and imaging services.

So I say that both jingle companies are clearly doing fine. However TM has a slight lead over Reelworld in tirms of updating services and the amount of stations using them. I wouldn’t imagine TM winning this battle in today’s radio imaging world.

The boddem line is I would highly recommend both jingle companies. They both are doing fantastic! I would recommend TM more because of Dave Meffert’s production.

I hope you understand all of this.