Ignite Jingles Has relieced 3 new jingle packages for 2015.

Here are descriptions about each package, taken from their website.

Real Radio

Now available from Ignite Jingles, the iconic sound of Real Radio. This collection of 13 cuts crosses all Hot AC musical genres, from dance to pop, rock to ballads. Plus, with a large set of Christmas jingles and custom cuts for breakfast, winners and the top of the hour, it’s a crammed package of jingles with a melody that’ll get stuck in your head from the moment it goes on air!

Also included: news, weather, sport and travel beds with lots of lite mixes and stabs, plus a suite of logo-driven drones for high intensity station promotions.

Smooth Radio

Heard across the UK by 3.3 million listeners, this is Smooth Radio from Ignite Jingles. Ideal for AC or Classic Hits formats, these tracks feature live instrumentation and are available with European or American vocals. And with a wide range of musical styles, plus lite mixes of all tracks, you can be sure that you can match every song with its perfect jingle!

Check out the Smooth 70s versions to hear how this package sounds when sung in the USA.

The Bee

Created almost ten years after their legendary launch package, this is the new Hot AC jingle package for The Bee in the UK. Seven jingle themes that cover all of today’s music styles, each with ramp, slogan and shotgun mixes. We can sing this package in the language of your choice, with the logo of your choice (subject to copyright restrictions)

“With so many companies to choose from these days when it comes to jingles, you need to be able to put the trust into who is creating your on-air package. Chris is great to work with, he listens to what you are wanting to achieve and delivers. The final product for us at The Bee was exactly what I had imagined, the show and station sings are spot on and the team love them!”

Gemma Baron – Programme Controller – The Bee

All 3 jingle packages were produced by Dave Meffert and Ignite Jingles together.

All of ignite’s jingle packages are available to US stations from TM Studios in Dallas.

You can hear the Smooth 70’s version of Smooth Radio here.

All 3 packages are market exclusive. Get any of these packages on your station today before your competitor does!