In this imaging tip, I show you what not to do with your station’s imaging, and how to solve most issues.

I hear some stations change their slogan or tagline with a good imaging budgit, but don’t change the imaging on the station.

The very first thing I would suggest is to carefully evaluate your current imaging, then purchase new jingles and imaging if need be. Don’t be like some stations and do nothing.

If you have a new slogan and it fits your format, then by all means, purchase new jingles and imaging that works with your new tagline.

If you want to keep your imaging short and to the point, then get packages like Splat! and Short Bus Radio. Both Dave Meffert libraries that containes sweeper shells that are quick 5-15 second shells that you can use for creative imaging and stuff like that. Dave has 20 years of radio imaging production experience. Short Bus Radio and Splat! are his first 2 really successful imaging packages.

I would highly recommend Reelworld and TM Studios for jingles. Reelworld also has it’s own library called Production Vault and a updating jingle service called Reelworld One.

IMGR and Imaging Blueprint are good recommendations, to!

Another well thought out imaging library is The Radio Imaging Library.

But no matter what you choose for jingles and imaging, Please take this imaging tip seriously. You don’t want to use outdated imaging libraries and jingle packages. If you change your slogan, then change your imaging to reflect the new tagline.

If you are already using Short Bus Radio or another updating imaging library prier to your slogan change, then well done! That’s 1 step done. Feel free to change your jingles to refleckt the new positioner.

Don’t be like some stations who eather decide not to use jingles anymore and use sweepers and promos to image the station, or who decide they rather keep the same jingles but do little sweeper updating. If I were you, I would update both jingles and sweepers/promos.

I hope this helps!