Dave Meffert is now adding Television to his list of production responceabilities.

Starting now Dave is partnering with Warner/Chappel Music, 360 Music,, and Stephen Arnold Music to provide television stations with the best well known news music packages to use in their newscasts.

Here is some info about each news division that Dave is partnering with.

About Warner/Chappel Music.

Award-Winning Custom & Syndicated News Music Packages.

For over 35 years, Warner/Chappell Production Music’s news teams, 615 Music, Gari Music and Non-Stop Music, have been composing some of the worlds most successful and memorable news music packages.

Our news music is being heard by millions of people every day. We are a world leader in news themes.

Whether it’s an existing, proven package or a new custom package created especially for you, our news music builds loyal audiences.

About 360 Music.

360 Music is a full service music production company specializing in innovative cross-platform sonic branding for television stations and networks. With offices in San Diego, Nashville, and Dallas, 360 Music is the fastest growing provider of news music and branding packages for local television stations.

It is our philosophic approach on every project to emotionally connect our client’s brand to their message and audience through music. We believe that in today’s market, branded music must be created in new, revolutionary, and authentic ways in order to connect with what an audience really listens and responds to.

360 Music commands a solid understanding of sonic branding for local television stations. Each package stands alone, with strong intros and repeating hooks. The sonic brands were designed to make an instant impression and function in a variety of media platforms.

About Stephen Arnold Music.

The most-heard, least-known composers in America.

Based in Dallas with offices in New York and San Diego and additional studios in Santa Fe, Stephen Arnold Music is an internationally acclaimed music production company servicing television networks, cable channels, TV stations, film houses and advertising agencies worldwide.

Stephen Arnold Music is widely regarded as the leading producer of original music for the broadcasting industry with music compositions heard daily in over 100+million American homes. Prolific and versatile, hundreds of our compositions are on the air somewhere right now.

I highly recommend any 1of the 3 TV news music companies. I posted links to them in the beginning of this post.

You can listen to 615 and Non Stop Music packages on the Warner/Chappel page, but not the Gari packages as you’ll have to get intuch with the company if you want to use a Gari package on your TV station’s local newscast.

All other companies have packages you can listen to online.

All 3 companies have packages with memorable logo melidies like the 3 note NBC logo and chimes, I Love Chicago, Chicago My Home for CBS stations, and more. you’ll just have to listen and hear what they have to offer.

Get any 1 of these 3 companies on your station’s newscast today! You’ll love the production work that Dave Meffert is famous for.