Dave Meffert and the team at TM Studios are at it again! This is TM’S 10TH custom jingle package this year to date, and the company shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

TM Studios are proud to introduce… Brite AC!


BRITE-AC rides a nice line between AC and CHR. Perhaps it’s perfect for your standard Hot AC or Adult CHR station or maybe it’s the “Energy-Boost” your traditional AC has been missing.

Not too LITE, not too HOT – just BRITE.

Built for our friends at WMGQ-FM (Magic 98.3), BRITE-AC brings a positive sound to your brand with just enough POP-Edge to keep you sounding like TODAY. Loaded with an ample 15-Cuts, BRITE-AC brings the Slogans, Shotguns and Ramps you expect plus TRANSITION cuts for seamless tempo changes and multiple Morning show cuts. As an added bonus we’ve also got you covered for the Holidays!

If your and AC, Hot AC or Christian station this package is definitely for you. The package works with any logo melidy you want to use, as well as creating a positive vibe for your station’s branding.

I predict that this is going to be another winner for TM. Greg Clancy and Dave Meffert really know how to create really good jingle packages that’ll last a long time.

Check out the new Brite AC jingle package here!

This package is market exclusive. Grab Brite AC on your station now, before it’s too late!

We’re still waiting on Dave Meffert and the TM Studios team to reliece the new updating Hot AC Jingle service, however Complete Hit Radio CHR has hit the CHR and Hot AC markets already, and it’s only going to gane more success in time.