Short Bus Radio is now available to Cumulus owned radio stations.

Are you a Cumulus station and your ready to change things up in your production and imaging sound? Short Bus Radio is the answer!

Of corce, everybody can use Short Bus Radio on any radio station. But Cumulus radio stations who use Short Bus Radio reepe the bennifits. They get all 15 years worth of imaging, one on one support, and more!

Just so you know, The 15 years worth of imaging is not just for Cumulus stations. it’s for everyone!

Cumulus last month took over Short Bus Radio from Dial Global and is distributing Short Bus Radio under it’s Westwood One division.

Founded by Dave Meffert in 2004, Short Bus Radio is the answer to what I will refere to as sleepy imaging. You get imaging shells, music beds and effects spisific to your format, artist intros and beatmixes and afew more surprises! 800 radio stations from various formats have gotten on bord since 2004. Now it’s your turn!

The sweepers on short bus radio are 5-15 seconds in length, making it eazy for radio stations to just drop in their station voice. You can make the sweeper shells as long or short as you like.

Whether your a cumulus station or not, I highly recommend using Short Bus Radio. you’ll sound better, have more free time, and for once, all of your imaging will be taken care of in a matter of weeks. Like I said Short Bus Radio is for everyone, you don’t have to be a Cumulus station to use this huge imaging library.

New and potential clients can get a 30 day free trial of Short Bus Radio to test out in their imaging. Don’t like it after 30 days? It’s A OK, just let them know and you don’t have to pay them a penny!

Short Bus Radio. If your not on the bus, your under it! Get on bord!

Some other news regarding Short Bus Radio is that they updated all of their format demos. You can find those on their website as well.

Get Short Bus Radio on your radio station today before the bus runs out of seats,! Trust me, you don’t want to be left out on all of the fun. How sad would that be?

Even though I’m just a listener, I love promoting imaging libraries such as this to help them gane more clients and stay busy year round.