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August 2015

New country package from TM Studios now available. KAT COUNTRY

Dave Meffert and the TM Studios team are proud to introduce KAT COUNTRY, now available!


Here it is – KAT COUNTRY – The newest cutting edge country package from TM Studios, eclipsing anything available in the world of Country Radio Jingles. KAT COUNTRY is mammoth! 15 Unique Theme’s with a jam-packed list of mixouts. We provide all utilities plus your morning show is well covered. It centers around the legendary ‘YCD logo originally written by TM’s Greg Clancy, now entirely evolved by KAT COUNTRY writer and producer KINO. These cuts PUNCH through the clutter and CLAW your brand to LIFE.

Stay current, stay relevant & don’t get left in the dust while your competition moves into the future.

Commissioned by Cumulus Media’s KATM Kat Country 103 in northern California, this package takes the widely popular WYCD Detroit logo to the next level!

The package consists of 15 cuts total. Among the 15 cuts, you get 9 Ramps, 9 slogan mixes, 3 morning show cuts, 12 shotguns, Weather, Promo and Traffic beds. You also get a cooken Top Of Hour cut.

Like other TM created packages, you can use any logo melody you want. The KAT COUNTRY package can be sung with solo singers, or a full group sing.

This package is high energy and will fit the music you play. Want to go from Luke Brian to Dierks Bentley? Carry Underwood to Blake Shelton? This package covers it all, and so many other up and coming artists in Country music today.

You might as well call this package WYCD Detroit 4.0, the next generation. Dave, KENO and the team at TM Studios did a great job writing this new incarnation of the now heritage WYCD Detroit logo melody. This package rocks! It’s young, fun and sounds like a package made to fit Country radio today. Well done, Dave Meffert and the team at TM Studios!

Go here to listen to the KAT COUNTRY package cut by cut!

Kat Country 103 also signed up for

Imaging showcase. Pure Jingles

Pure Jingles the netherlends is one of the most popular jingle and imaging companies around the world.

A bunch of US stations already use Pure Jingles. They have jingles that’ll fit any format. From CHR to Hot AC, Country to AC, Classic Hits to Christian Radio.

Radio stations can create their own custom jingle package with a tool called the jinglebox.

You select your flaver, tempo and key, and listen to the result. Then, depending on your playlist, you select jingles that fit. Of corse, you can have Pure Jingles do a complete custom package if the jinglebox isn’t your thing.

I love Pure Jingles and am happy that the jinglebox feature has been getting allot of use here in the states. Hopefully more stations can take advantage of the jinglebox as there is allot there.

Contact Pure Jingles today and create your own jingle package for your radio station. The jinglebox feature is eazy to use, and all of their jingles fit any format.

As a side note. If you want to pare your Pure Jingles package with and FX library, Check out PANTHERSOUNDS, the buyout imaging FX company.

Imaging Showcase. Brandy Jingles

From the Brandy Website.

Brandy Jingles is not a jingle factory

We create unique sounds that perfectly reflect what your brand stands for. Custom-designed – with an ear for detail and the highest quality standards.

Brandy helps you make better media … it’s what we live and breathe. No woolly marketing-speak or shallow sales pitch. We speak your language.






Tailor-made fits best

Whether you opt for a custom-made package or an adaptation of existing tracks, your jingles should sound tailor-made. Your logo has to pop, your lyrics have to stick. Brandy will make you sound unique.

Jingles as strategic tool

Your preferred musical style should match your brand strategy and appeal to your audience. Your presenters should be wild about working with it, and everybody should be able to sing it.

A promise is a promise

We’re not salespeople. We serve in a personal, but super-professional, way. We make clear agreements and we live up to them. If you want to, you take the lead – with our consultants and producers guiding you to achieve the best results.

No limits to our efforts

Our work doesn’t stop with the delivery of a pile of audio. Brandy helps you make choices and use the jingles optimally. If you wish, we’ll even visit your radio station and show your producers how to get the best out of your new jingle package.

At Brandy, we don’t believe in a signature sound, but signature values. Every package is custom-designed to integrate seamlessly with your brand, with production quality to match the music you play. We believe you should sound unique, with music imaging that reflects the personality of your station.

Any radio station can use Brandy, but their packages are 100% market exclusive.

Brandy’s jingle packages fit any format. AC to CHR, Christian radio to Country. All formats jingle packages are unique. Plus, you can create your own jingle package that fits your format by filtering and selecting a stile like Rock, pop rock, and even balid. for soft AC formatted stations.

The only formats available on the Brandy website are CHR and AC, however those packages will work for formats such as Hot AC, Country and Christian Radio.

Check out the Brandy website and discover their sound, and you’ll soon see what I mean!

Brandy is based in Belgem, but their jingles will work in any country.

I highly recommend Brandy. The jingle packages on the site sound great and I can’t wait to hear how they’ll sound here in the United States and how they fit formats like Country, a format known for using CHR sounding jingles these days.

Get Brandy on your station today!

Introducing News, Weather, Travel & Sport Music – news imaging now. No Sign Up and no cost.

Who are is an online music library specialising in news imaging and associated music beds for radio broadcast.

NBDC was created in 2007 to provide quality music beds with no upfront costs. The company also provides a unique compositional music service which operates to customise existing work parts as well as produce bespoke themes – also at no cost – for larger radio stations and networks.

Our news, travel, sports and weather beds can be heard around the world and have been accredited by radio stations and large networks alike. This is not only for it’s music, but it’s simple to use audition and download facility which provides the user with the tools to get on air with a new sound quickly and effectively.

NBDC provides a no fuss straight forward service that gives full control to the user without jumping through hoops usually associated with acquiring music for broadcast purposes.

listen to samples of all of their news package here.

The News beds website above contains a complete imaging library of music beds and stingers for everyday production.

Contact the team at to lock the imaging package on your radio station today, before the station across the streat finds out about it. Television newscasts may also use the package, just let the team at know.

New packages coming this fall from TM Studios

TM Studios is set to reliece a bunch of new stuff this fall.

We already know a little about the new updating Hot AC service. The service is ready to go, but won’t be posted on the site for at least a couple more weeks.

What does TM have in store this fall? I honestly have no idea, but like everything elce, whenever any jingle company postes something new on the site, I promise you’ll hear it first before your competition across the streat does. In other words, you’ll be the first to know.

Keep checking back for more details about the new fall relieces coming soon from TM Studios! Of corse, we can’t forget about the other jingle companies as well.

Introducing Ready 2 Go imaging

Get the tools you need to knock out EVERY creative imaging project, big or small! Make your station the market format leader by branding it with our exclusive artist audio, customized beat mixes and unique artist sweeper kits. Also find the hottest beds, hits, wipes, combos, breakers and more!

This imaging service is all about your station’s imaging needs. New imaging updated monthly.

3 formats available. Ready 2 Go CHR, Ready 2 Go Country, and Ready 2 Go Streat for Urban and Rhythmic formats.

Superadio creats the Ready 2 Go imaging service. Go here to review the choices available and to hear the latest demos!

Ready 2 Go imaging is market exclusive. Get it now before your competitor across the streat airs it first!

Imaging showcase. Imaging Chop Shop

Here’s a really helpful imaging service for any radio station.

It’s called Imaging Chop Shop, from Envision radio networks.

Imaging Chop Shop is the only voice and production resource that offers fully produced voice and imaging on a barter basis for radio. Imaging Chop Shop is the creation of leading industry voice talent/imaging producer AJ (KDWB/Minneapolis, KDMX/Dallas, KRBE/Houston, WIAD/Washington, DC) and legendary Los Angeles programmer and BitXchange prep creator Mike Marino (KHHT-FM and KYSR-FM/Los Angeles.)

Imaging Chop Shop clients receive one page of fully produced imaging weekly voiced by a team of radio’s best voice and production talents who have been featured collectively in the NBA, NFL, NHL, Discovery Channel, Subway, Comcast, Mazda and more!


Program Category: Production and Imaging

Frequency: Weekly

Terms: Barter

Delivery Method: Online/Internet

Language: English/Spanish

You can listen to all of Imaging Chop Shop’s imaging and voice talent choices right here.

Imaging Chop Shop is on over 700 radio stations nation wide. The service is market exclusive. Lock this up before the competition swipes it first!

TM Studios: True update

I have a question for you. from the TM Studios website.

Have you heard our TRUE-UPDATE jingle packages?


They are like updating jingle packages except…they actually update…EVERY month. New vocals and music every time. Not the same vocals that were recorded 5 years ago when you originally signed up.

We kind of feel like in contemporary radio 5 year old vocals would make your jingles feel stale after a while. Maybe that’s just us.

I would actually agree with this True updating concept. TM’S true updating system started with 360 Country and over the past couple of years, the true update system has grown from 1 service to 6 amazing true updating jingle and imaging services. True update is the brainchild of Dave Meffert, who is one of the world’s well known radio and TV imaging producers I really admire.

Here is the full list of all of TM’S true updating jingle and imaging packages.

Like TM stated, true update simply means that you get jingles that actually update every month, with new music and vocals every time. Not the same stale vocals and music recorded 5 years or more.

I highly recommend any true update package to everyone. Whether your format is CHR, Hot AC, AC, Country, Christian radio or News/Talk, I think you’ll agree that TM Studios true update is the way to go.

All of TM’S true updating jingle and imaging packages are market exclusive, so I would get a jump on it now before your compotition takes advantage of these amazing packages.

Tony Griffin Production’S production libraries and news/talk packages

Yesterday I put Tony Griffin Productions in the imaging showcase spotlite.

Now, here are discriptions about their production libraries and news/talk packages.

News/Talk Packages.

NEWS/TALK NOW… over 160 cuts of sharp, edgy musical imaging solutions for only the most forward thinking of stations… and producers who want an edge up on the competition… now! A classy and powerful, popular package of great music!

NEWS/TALK NOW is strong and hot rhythm tracks, along with only the best of the real live brass that gives the music much more than that “band out of a box” sound.

NEWS/TALK NOW has another even edgier side too, with more rock guitar & synthesizers, so you now have your choice… strong and kickin’ cuts with real brass… or even stronger, to the extreme… with even more of a rock feel for today’s young adult listener too! Buy as instrumentals only, or with vocal IDs and promos if you prefer.

NEWS EDITION… 101 cuts of great news, information, and talk show thematics. All digitally recorded and produced, NEWS EDITION has dozens of bumpers and logos to add to your on air branding of your format, corporate, or commercial need. A current and exciting sound, to put the perfect touch to your news, talk, and information product. A modern sound, with the emphasis on news.

NEWS PLUS… an exciting, complete, instrumental image music package for today’s news and newstalk formats… 97 cuts… including News Opens, Main Themes, Promos, Bumpers, Pulses, Talk Show Opens, ID’s, Sports, Weather, Traffic, and much more. News Plus… over 71 minutes of first class, network caliber, hi tech, real, fully orchestrated music. Great too for commercial, TV, and corporate use as well.

NO LIMIT…a new and different image package with a hot, edgy sound… NO LIMIT… A hot new approach to News, Hot Talk, and Talk radio. Totalling 108 instrumental cuts, NO LIMIT reflects today’s newest sounds… with hot music tracks… loaded with punch and power, designed with all the tools you need… to draw a younger demographic.

NO LIMIT is loaded with News Opens, Weather, Traffic, Sports, and Business cuts… as well as News Promos and Legal IDs… Promo cuts, Show Opens, Bumpers and Logo IDs… plus optional vocal IDs are available as well!

Prime Time Radio… loaded with News, Traffic, Weather, and Sports cuts…Show Opens, and Promo Cuts, for Sports, Talk, & Hot Talk stations in America. You also get a ton of bumpers, pulses, pads, and a Top of the Hour Cut too. Over 110 instrumental versions alone. Get some vocal cuts too, if you need them. A great sports package.

Smooth Signatures is nothing but “class and style”, with a modern jazz/rock feel… 99 cuts loaded with image… highlighted by two related instrumental “signatures”, the key to listener recognition, image reinforcement, and economic success.

Smooth Signatures includes everything that you might need… classic musical signatures, a variety of tempos and rhythms … lots of sax, flutes, fretless bass, guitars… and more! Available as instrumentals only, or with vocals as well, Smooth Signatures will help put that finishing touch to your station, commercial, or corporate client.

Get the X FACTOR for your project! Probably the newest imaging package for News and Talkradio. X FACTOR has a brand new Newstheme… as well as separate cuts each for both the Top and Bottom of the Hour, as well as Traffic, Weather, and Sports Cuts, with optional vocals available as well!

X FACTOR gives you over 112 instrumental versions. Get your station the X TRA kick in the pants it needs with X FACTOR today! And don’t even give your competition… a chance!

Production Libraries.

AIR TOOLS… 154 cuts of great news, election, talk show, and informational music for your most critical projects. Twenty-four original pieces of instrumental music, digitally recorded and produced, and designed to enhance your on air imaging.

AIR TOOLS will polish your sound, give your audience great continuity, and keep you ahead of the competition.

TURBOCHARGERS Production Library! All the stuff you could ever want in a music library… promo cuts, logos, shotgun IDs… almost anything instrumental that your Classic Hits or Oldies station could ever need!

Need a great promo bed… you got it! A traffic cut… you got it! Touch tone cuts… you got it! A new Top Of The Hour cut, Christmas /holiday cuts, something for summer, or the beach… you got it! Great sounds and music images… from the ’50s to the ’10s. Today’s quality, with a taste and flavor of the past.

TURBOCHARGERS… over 950 cuts… loaded with drums, bass, guitars, keyboards, synth, percussion… live trumpets, trombones, french horns and saxes… with many different mixes like rhythm mixes, guitar solos, beds & production parts… like touch tones, tympani hits & rolls, rhythm & drum tracks, sleigh bells and more… as well as several hundred of the best Oldies shouts you’ll ever need!

TURBOCHARGERS VOL. 1-10 from Tony Griffin Productions. The most powerful music library ever produced for Classic Hits and Oldies radio! Show Show Opens, Weather, Traffic, and much more. News Plus… over 71 minutes of first class, network caliber, hi tech, real, fully orchestrated music. Great too for commercial, TV, and corporate use as well.

950+ CUTS!

All of TGP’S news/Talk packages will work with Television newscasts.

Get these awesome News/Talk and music libraries on your station today before they sell out!

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