Here is what I think is TM Studios shortest updating CHR jingle service with PPM in mind.

K2 – CHR

Love it or hate it, PPM is here. Your listeners are no longer voting for you on paper, they’re voting for you by LISTENING. You’ve adjusted your playlists. You’ve asked your imaging director to keep it “short”. Your jingles should reflect the rest of your imaging. Short, punchy, clean, logo-based shotguns that sit so neatly between the records, the listener will think twice about turning you off. With the launch of K2 we also introduce “Sublintros”, your logo embedded INTO…not over song intros. Shotguns, stabs, production tracks. Everything about this package is perfect for a PPM environment. Not only does it update monthly with fresh jingles; K2 evolves with your playlist! Updates include 5 shotguns, 5 stabs, 2 production tracks, and Sublintros of current hits.

Dave Meffert started K2 CHR in 2010 and surprisingly, has garnered success across the country and around the world.

I wouldn’t recommend this package to a bunch of Christian radio stations. But if you want your jingles to be short and punchy, I highly recommend this service. I mean sure, the jingles are good and you can select your logo and vocal stile, but be warned your limited in regards to your positioning statement.

Stations who are considering this service can hear the starter package here. The starter kit consists of 11 main themes, 2 morning show cuts, 2 top of hour cuts, and some instrumental beds.

If you want this service, get it on your station now before your competiter across the streat airs it first.