It has taken Dave Meffert and the team at TM Studios over a year and a half for this new updating jingle service, but the TM Studios website states that the newest true updating jingle service is coming soon!

HOT-AC (coming soon!

The NEXT format in our EXCLUSIVE line of TM TRUE UPDATE Jingle packages is HOT AC. The ultimate updating HOT AC jingle package with NEW sings and music – EVERY TIME. It’s coming soon.

TM Studios promises this service to be bigger and hotter than before. It will contain a massive starter kit.

When this service comes out from hideing, I’ll post this on this blog before anybody elce does. All I know is that somebody commissioned this package first, and they will be able to air this before it gets any new clients.

This service will be for Hot AC and Christian radio stations.

If you want to be alerted the moment it arrives and lock it up in your market, join the TM Studios Newsletter on the front page of the TM Studios website.

Watch this space, I’ll letcha know when it arrives!