I have a question for you. from the TM Studios website.

Have you heard our TRUE-UPDATE jingle packages?


They are like updating jingle packages except…they actually update…EVERY month. New vocals and music every time. Not the same vocals that were recorded 5 years ago when you originally signed up.

We kind of feel like in contemporary radio 5 year old vocals would make your jingles feel stale after a while. Maybe that’s just us.

I would actually agree with this True updating concept. TM’S true updating system started with 360 Country and over the past couple of years, the true update system has grown from 1 service to 6 amazing true updating jingle and imaging services. True update is the brainchild of Dave Meffert, who is one of the world’s well known radio and TV imaging producers I really admire.

Here is the full list of all of TM’S true updating jingle and imaging packages.

Like TM stated, true update simply means that you get jingles that actually update every month, with new music and vocals every time. Not the same stale vocals and music recorded 5 years or more.

I highly recommend any true update package to everyone. Whether your format is CHR, Hot AC, AC, Country, Christian radio or News/Talk, I think you’ll agree that TM Studios true update is the way to go.

All of TM’S true updating jingle and imaging packages are market exclusive, so I would get a jump on it now before your compotition takes advantage of these amazing packages.