News, Weather, Travel & Sport Music – news imaging now. No Sign Up and no cost.

Who are is an online music library specialising in news imaging and associated music beds for radio broadcast.

NBDC was created in 2007 to provide quality music beds with no upfront costs. The company also provides a unique compositional music service which operates to customise existing work parts as well as produce bespoke themes – also at no cost – for larger radio stations and networks.

Our news, travel, sports and weather beds can be heard around the world and have been accredited by radio stations and large networks alike. This is not only for it’s music, but it’s simple to use audition and download facility which provides the user with the tools to get on air with a new sound quickly and effectively.

NBDC provides a no fuss straight forward service that gives full control to the user without jumping through hoops usually associated with acquiring music for broadcast purposes.

listen to samples of all of their news package here.

The News beds website above contains a complete imaging library of music beds and stingers for everyday production.

Contact the team at to lock the imaging package on your radio station today, before the station across the streat finds out about it. Television newscasts may also use the package, just let the team at know.