From the Brandy Website.

Brandy Jingles is not a jingle factory

We create unique sounds that perfectly reflect what your brand stands for. Custom-designed – with an ear for detail and the highest quality standards.

Brandy helps you make better media … it’s what we live and breathe. No woolly marketing-speak or shallow sales pitch. We speak your language.






Tailor-made fits best

Whether you opt for a custom-made package or an adaptation of existing tracks, your jingles should sound tailor-made. Your logo has to pop, your lyrics have to stick. Brandy will make you sound unique.

Jingles as strategic tool

Your preferred musical style should match your brand strategy and appeal to your audience. Your presenters should be wild about working with it, and everybody should be able to sing it.

A promise is a promise

We’re not salespeople. We serve in a personal, but super-professional, way. We make clear agreements and we live up to them. If you want to, you take the lead – with our consultants and producers guiding you to achieve the best results.

No limits to our efforts

Our work doesn’t stop with the delivery of a pile of audio. Brandy helps you make choices and use the jingles optimally. If you wish, we’ll even visit your radio station and show your producers how to get the best out of your new jingle package.

At Brandy, we don’t believe in a signature sound, but signature values. Every package is custom-designed to integrate seamlessly with your brand, with production quality to match the music you play. We believe you should sound unique, with music imaging that reflects the personality of your station.

Any radio station can use Brandy, but their packages are 100% market exclusive.

Brandy’s jingle packages fit any format. AC to CHR, Christian radio to Country. All formats jingle packages are unique. Plus, you can create your own jingle package that fits your format by filtering and selecting a stile like Rock, pop rock, and even balid. for soft AC formatted stations.

The only formats available on the Brandy website are CHR and AC, however those packages will work for formats such as Hot AC, Country and Christian Radio.

Check out the Brandy website and discover their sound, and you’ll soon see what I mean!

Brandy is based in Belgem, but their jingles will work in any country.

I highly recommend Brandy. The jingle packages on the site sound great and I can’t wait to hear how they’ll sound here in the United States and how they fit formats like Country, a format known for using CHR sounding jingles these days.

Get Brandy on your station today!