Dave Meffert and the TM Studios team are proud to introduce KAT COUNTRY, now available!


Here it is – KAT COUNTRY – The newest cutting edge country package from TM Studios, eclipsing anything available in the world of Country Radio Jingles. KAT COUNTRY is mammoth! 15 Unique Theme’s with a jam-packed list of mixouts. We provide all utilities plus your morning show is well covered. It centers around the legendary ‘YCD logo originally written by TM’s Greg Clancy, now entirely evolved by KAT COUNTRY writer and producer KINO. These cuts PUNCH through the clutter and CLAW your brand to LIFE.

Stay current, stay relevant & don’t get left in the dust while your competition moves into the future.

Commissioned by Cumulus Media’s KATM Kat Country 103 in northern California, this package takes the widely popular WYCD Detroit logo to the next level!

The package consists of 15 cuts total. Among the 15 cuts, you get 9 Ramps, 9 slogan mixes, 3 morning show cuts, 12 shotguns, Weather, Promo and Traffic beds. You also get a cooken Top Of Hour cut.

Like other TM created packages, you can use any logo melody you want. The KAT COUNTRY package can be sung with solo singers, or a full group sing.

This package is high energy and will fit the music you play. Want to go from Luke Brian to Dierks Bentley? Carry Underwood to Blake Shelton? This package covers it all, and so many other up and coming artists in Country music today.

You might as well call this package WYCD Detroit 4.0, the next generation. Dave, KENO and the team at TM Studios did a great job writing this new incarnation of the now heritage WYCD Detroit logo melody. This package rocks! It’s young, fun and sounds like a package made to fit Country radio today. Well done, Dave Meffert and the team at TM Studios!

Go here to listen to the KAT COUNTRY package cut by cut!

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