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September 2015

Wise Buddah newsletter September and October 2015. WB headed to the states long turm, Dave Meffert joins the company as VP/creative

Wise Buddah has relieced it’s monthly newsletter for September and October 2015.

Here are just a couple of highlites.

The company has signed long turm, multi-year deals with 10 of the biggest radio station owners in the united states. These include Cumulus, I heart Media, CBS Radio, Beasly Broadcasting, Entercom, and Alpha Media to name afew. They expect more station owners by the end of the year. As part of the deal, radio stations will be able to use WB’S newest imaging service IMGR, as well as using any jingle package from WB’S catalog of customizable packages available on the website. All packages work for any radio format. Or, they can get a complete custom package that not only fits any format, but that package gets syndicated for other stations, giving the package a new lifespan.

In addition, Dave Meffert, the world’s popular imaging producer has left TM Studios after a long 5 year run and is joining Wise Buddah effective October 5 and will be the Vice president of creative content for WB. This means that Dave will handle all of the companies catalog of jingle packages as well as handleing imaging and production for IMGR’S formats. and creating production music libraries. Dave will stay in New York City, but his jingles and imaging he produced with TM Studios will now be in the hands of Bruce Upcherch. Dave reports to Phil Tozer, production director. for WB’s offices in Seattle, WB’S US home base.

This is a great time for Wise Buddah as the company is shuffling it’s staff. Their jingles are on stations worldwide and are customizable. I can’t wait to hear what they’ll put out with Dave in command. All I can say is congratulations to everyone involved with WB and congratulations goes out to all of the radio station owners in the United States. the fact that more owners are to follow is more great news as IMGR is taking radio imaging by storm. Literally.

Radio stations can go here to hear IMGR’S most recent highlites and sign up for this new imaging trend that everybody is talking about. IMGR comes in 2 formats CHR and Hot AC, with 2 more to follow Country at the end of the year, and AC launching earley next year. Radio stations in the country arena can sign up for IMGR Country now. IMGR CHR has hit the 50 station mark, and IMGR Hot AC has hit the 30 station mark. Incredible job for the team at Wise Buddah as IMGR is only 7 months old and is already growing it’s client base.


Imaging Showcase: Micro Jams

MicroJams, Inc. marks the end of the traditional radio id jingle service as we know it. Radio jingles have always been consistent in one regard, they’ve all sounded the same, and still do, yet have very little in common with the music of the station they promote. MicroJams are not jingles, they’re quick musical elements focused solely on branding your station’s frequency, calls, and moniker. They’re designed to flow musically within the stations playlist. Since they are musically based on the stations playlist, they immediately brand the frequency and calls with the sound of each respective format and station.

The artists and producers performing these tracks are industry pros that have worked with some of the biggest names in the music business. This makes each MicroJams package indicative to the “sound” of each particular format and consistent with that of major label product. songs. Regardless of music format, they create seamless transitions between songs. Microjams are designed for every music-driven radio station on the planet and since there is no other service that offers this approach to radio imaging, there is no competition.

Radio, as a medium, needs a facelift. Mainly to remain competitive with all of the other media choices available to consumers today. By incorporating this innovative and pioneering approach to music imaging into your playlist, Microjams will immediately make your station break away from the pack. They fit perfectly within a “Less is More” and PPM world, and are perfectly in tune with the future of radio. If you don’t incorporate Microjams into your station’s imaging, your competition will.

The sound of now…the sound of the future…the sound of MicroJams!

Meat Dave Campel, the creater of Micro Jams.

MICROJAMS is a 100% customized station imaging service created and produced from the musical mind of Dave Kampel, best known as the “Voice of Kiss FM” and former longtime Imaging Director of WKSC FM, Chicago. Dave is also the voice the mighty Z100 in NYC, the legendary KIIS FM in Los Angeles, as well as many other radio stations worldwide. His voice, production, and image has been very instrumental in launching and branding over 30 “KissFM” stations nationally during the late ’90s and throughout the 2000’s.

Prior to his career in radio, Dave discovered a natural affinity for singing and song-writing while growing up in Cincinnati, Ohio. He has recorded and written songs with recording artists such as The Deele (LA & Babyface), Blessid Union of Souls, and Grammy award winning song-writer Greg Barnhill (Trisha Yearwood, Amy Grant, Vince Gill).

Kampel is a leader in imaging as well as musical and vocal production/arrangement. Since beginning his career in radio, he has utilized his musical talent and versatility to work with such artists as Pharell, Pink, Rhianna, JoJo, Lenny Kravitz, Omarion, Bubba Sparxx and others. Today, that experience influences his creation of tracks, grooves and elements that work seamlessly in between music while relating to listeners.

Dave has been producing on the Imaging side of radio for 10 years, and It was through this position that he struck a chord, and a fast friendship with Production Master, Eric Chase. During their first phone conversation in ’97, these guys realized that they shared a common disdain for the tired sound of radio jingles. It was then and there the decision was made to transform that very element which had not changed in 50 + years. In 2005, a “threat” from his PD to order a “new” jingle package, prompted Dave to change the sound of the jingle industry forever.

MicroJams can now be heard on radio stations worldwide. From Chicago to Istanbul, Miami to South Africa, Microjams seamlessly brand their affiliate’s radio stations with the music they play.

Checkout the new sound of now!

Micro Jams is sold via TM Studios and Westwood 1.

Get Micro Jams on your station now before the competition clames it!

Tip. Using Micro Jams with Short Bus Radio might be a good idea.

Imaging Showcase: Omega Productions

About Omega Productions

For over 25 years Omega Productions has been Serving The Universe. We specialize in Production Libraries, Radio Station Imaging, Radio/TV Voiceovers and complete Commercial Production. Our studio is a state of the art digital facility. Everything at Omega Productions is produced digitally using the most up-to-date studio equipment, and the latest software. Our production music and SFX libraries are among the best in the world. The voices, the production, the sound fx and the music libraries are only a click away. Many voices to choose from, dry or fully produced and all the production libraries you need to kill your competition, delivered to you at the speed of light.


What We Offer Our Clients

Station Imaging

Our radio station imaging has been heard on numerous radio stations around the world. We use select highly professional American and European voices.

Production Libraries

Our production libraries (noise, noise 2, noise 3, noise 4, noise 5, noise 6, Virus, ReaXion, Digitizers) are on-the-air at the biggest radio stations on the planet.

Checkout what Omega Productions can do for your radio station!

Formats covered include CHR, AC, Hot AC, Classic Hits, Christian radio and Country.

Get Omega Productions on your station now!

My opinion on UK and european jingle companies making it here in the United States

This is just my own opinion, so take it with a grane of sault. Luckily, this will be a good opinion.

With new artists popping up in the music seen allot from the UK, some from Europe ETC, we’re starting to see a new jingle trend in recent years that takes jingle companies from the UK and Europe across the pond to the United States.

This is actually a good thing. Although most if not all radio stations in America use American jingle companies, I like the idea of using jingle companies from other countries.

Companies like SOB and Pure Jingles in Europe, and Wise Buddah and Ignite Jingles in the UK really make great jingle packages and imaging libraries that actually fit the playlist of a tipical AC, CHR, Christian or Hot AC station.

So is it wrong to get other countries jingles on a station in the United States? My opinion is that not only is this a good thing, but I highly encourage it. So the answer is no, it’s not wrong. In fact, it could start a new jingle and imaging trend here 3-5 years from now.

Here are the links again. Radio stations everywhere should look into this, especially if your a station in America airing formats such as AC, CHR, Country, Christian, Classic Hits and Hot AC.

Everybody already knows about Ignite Jingles, so that link is excluded from this list.

UK companies.

Wise Buddah

European jingle companies.

Pure Jingles

Brandy Jingles

SOB Audio Imaging

I hope you enjoy and you air these companies on your station today!

Again, take this opinion as a grain of sault. But I highly encourage all of these jingle companies. I love their work.

The radio jingle dictionary

Radio stations. If you want some Clarification on what typs of jingles you’ll find in a jingle package or service, then you come to the wright post!

Below is the complete radio jingle dictionary. Refer back here if you are 1 brand new to radio jingles and programming a radio station or 2 if you just need a refresher sometimes we’ve all been there!

Jingle Dictionary

What’s what from A to Z

A capella

Vocals only, without any music. Jingle packages are usually delivered with lots of extra mix-outs, including the a capella versions: the isolated vocal elements of the jingle.


A.k.a. music bed. An instrumental piece of music, usually used as an underscore for a voice-over or DJ. Examples: traffic bed, weather bed, news bed. Some beds can contain both a front sing and a back sing, like the Weather bed or Promo bed.

Custom jingles

Custom, or custom-made jingles, are new, original compositions, tailor made to fit your station’s needs. When you order a custom jingle package the production time is usually longer than when ordering syndicated jingles. If possible, we suggest a 2-3 month’s time schedule. That way, you’ll be able to get the most out of the production process. Sometimes, if it’s a huge custom package the production time is longer.

Customized jingles

“Customized” sounds really fancy but it’s actually the same as “syndicated”. So: check “Syndicated jingles”.


A cut is one of the jingles from a jingle package.Jingle

A sung, musically-based station ID.

Launch Pad

A.k.a. ramp. See: Ramp.

Mixes, mix-outs

A jingle, or cut, can have many different mixes or mix-outs. Allot of modern jingle and imaging companies today like to spoil all of their clients with as many mix-outs per jingle as they can. With every cut, you’ll ALWAYS receive the extra acapella (= no music, or vocal only) version. If your jingle lyrics would be, for instance: “Your favorite hits – 102.7 – WSOB”, you would receive at least 5 mix-outs of this cut: 1. the “full version” 2. the “tag version”: “instrumental bed – WSOB” 3. the alt tag: “instr. – 102.7 – WSOB” 4. the “donut”: “Your favorite hits – instr. – WSOB” 5. the acapella version.

Sometimes, individual cuts can have different instrumental mixes, for instance a “light”, or “unplugged” mix. In that case, you’re lucky because you’ll receive the double amount of mix-outs. If they make different lengths of that jingle, you’ll also receive those. For free.


Also known as ramp jingle, launch pad or talk-up bed, this type of jingle has a longer instrumental beginning proceeding the station name or slogan. It enables the DJ to do a talk or presentation over the jingle music, usually until the vocals start.

Shotgun (jingle)

Very short jingle, usually 5 seconds or less. Can be a standalone cut or derived from a longer cut.

Slogan cut / slogan jingle

The slogan cut would be the archetype of the station ID jingles. It’s usually a jingle that contains the station’s slogan and/or frequency and the station name.

Station ID (Jingle)

Station Identity, or Station ID Jingle, is the “official” name for radio jingles, referring to the original and often main purpose of a station ID jingle: to show the radio station’s identity, or name.

Syndicated jingles

Syndicated jingles allow stations to benefit from other people’s work… :-). You can choose from a large number of jingle packages, originally customly created for other stations outside your market. You choose a package that would work for your station, write the lyrics (using the lyric sheets jingle and imaging companies provide with the packages) and they’ll sing your station name, slogan and/or frequency. Syndicated jingles can be sung in any language.
Transition jingle

a jingle that usually accommodates a change in tempo between two songs. A fast-slow transition jingle can, for instance, start at 135 BPM and end at 100 BPM. This way, it can serve as a perfect bridge between a fast song and a slow song.

This jingle dictionary was taken from the SOB website, but everybody will benefit from this dictionary. I hope that if your brand new to programming and or imaging a radio station or if you need a refresher corse, you’ll always refer to this jingle dictionary for information on what’s what from A to Z!


Imaging Showcase: SOB audio imaging

I decided that I’ll just keep doing what I’ve been doing and just keep on accumulating posts.

Here’s another jingle company I’m featuring in the imaging showcase.

It’s called SOB audio imaging.

SOB AUDIO IMAGING is an audio and music production company based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, founded in 1996. We create sound & music for advertising and branding, we produce station imaging & station ID jingles for radio and tv stations, we sell imaging libraries & production libraries and offer state-of-the-art audio postproduction, recording and editing/mastering facilities.

Clients include radio & TV stations all over Europe, advertising agencies, commercial production companies, advertisers, broadcast consultants and record companies.

SOB Audio Imaging provides station ID jingles for radio and tv stations all over Europe – and beyond! We have produced jingle packages for stations in countries like Germany, Norway, Australia, Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland, Iceland, Greece, Ukraine, Thailand and Jordan. We can either create tailor-made custom jingles for you or use existing (syndicated) jingle packages that you can choose from.

For radio stations, Click this link to check out their jingle packages, And click here to go to SOB’S imaging library shop.

All jingles can be used on AC, Hot AC, CHR and Christian radio stations. Just have a listen to some of the jingle demos available and allot of packages can be played in cut by cut fassion.

Radio ID jingles are market exclusive. Some imaging libraries in the shop are also market exclusive.

Get SOB on your radio station today!

Side note. If your a Country station with a high energy playlist and presentation, you can definitely get SOB jingles on your station. Just let them know!

New Q music jingles from Brandy

Jingles that don’t sound like jingles, and whose sound is indistinguishable from the current hits − that’s how Brandy describe the new custom package they produced for Qmusic. The package features tracks with a seldom heard production value.

Qmusic doesn’t wait until listeners show signs of listening fatigue. The station’s popularity continues to grow in Belgium, and it received a record-breaking score in the latest listener poll in the Netherlands. Still, management decided to give the station a thorough make-over, including new visual and sonic identities.

The slogan is now “You make us Q”. And the jingles are no longer entirely sung, but rather a mix of subtle singing, voiceover and superb music in their own distinctive structure: an immediately recognisable instrumental logo, a great music track with sparse vocals and a spoken clincher. Power and authenticity were the key production values.

YMUQ consists of 7 basic cuts, a TOH sequence, and a whole series of functional tunes for news, weather and traffic. Now, Qmusic has the tools in-house to create a strong sonic brand, and the DJs can use them to make perfect transitions.

Now available in the USA, and around the world!

Go here to check it out!

Market exclusive and available for use on your station. Grab it now before your competitor does!

New holiday jingles from Reelworld

Reelworld has just put out Coast Christmas, a jingle package perfect for the holiday season.

Here’s the press reliece taken from the US Reelworld website.

As the flip to Holiday programming becomes more popular and profitable than ever before, LA’s KOST 103.5 FM has partnered with ReelWorld to produce a new standout Christmas Jingle Package for the upcoming season.

Featuring 6 Core Themes and 2 Top of Hours – each with multiple length mixouts – the KOST Christmas package is designed to pair seamlessly with new holiday releases as well as all the Christmas Classics that keep your listeners singing along through the season.

Michael La Crosse, program director at KOST 103.5, had this to say about the new KOST Christmas package: “The holiday season is the most important time of year for us at KOST. Jingles and the emotional bond they create are such a huge part of that. Our new ReelWorld package is the perfect way for us to help our listeners feel like they’re home for the holidays.”

Erik Huber, ReelWorld’s creative director, offered his thoughts on the appeal of the package in the modern holiday programming marketplace: “With our new KOST holiday jingles we’ve embodied the spirit of Christmas in a musical brand that is perfect for today’s AC radio. We went the extra mile to infuse this package’s musical DNA with elements of both contemporary Christmas songs as well as the timeless holiday classics of yesterday, giving the jingles a warmth and depth that’s equally at home with Burl Ives, Bing Crosby, Mariah Carey or Justin Bieber. Best of all, the package can be sung using either our time-tested Nashville vocal group, or our fresh new vocal blend created specifically for this package. Either way, the end result is a definitive musical signature that is sure to set the standard for AC holiday imaging for many years to come.”

KOST Christmas is now available and contains everything your station needs to own the holidays this season. From the emotions your listeners experience, to the promotion of your station brand over the holidays, KOST Christmas pairs perfectly with your holiday playlist and truly is the perfect gift for your station.

Whether your racing to be the first to flip for Christmas or smoothly making the transition to holiday music, KOST Christmas is the perfect tool for your station.

Put it this way. Your listeners sing along to the Christmas songs on your playlist, while your station’s branding gets some upbeat feel good magic.

You can listen to the package here.

Of corse, with the new Christmas package, that could only mean 1 thing. KOST has commissioned a new custom package for the rest of the year. We shall see what happens next.

It’s market exclusive. Grab it on your station now this year before you get put on the notty list!

Side note. Multiple logo options can be used. If you don’t care for the new KOST melody, you can use your own logo melody or a heritage logo melody you’ve been using for a long time.

New SLAM! Sounds from Wise Buddah

Hot off the heels of re-imaging some of the UK’s biggest radio brands including the BBC Asian Network, Absolute Radio, the Bauer Network and BBC Radio 1 Breakfast, Wise Buddah has joined forces with Holland’s SLAM! to produce a brand new cutting edge CHR package for 2015.

The new cuts comprise of a re-working of Wise Buddah’s packages for Mega Hits (Portugal), alongside some custom elements, all imaged by the Team at SLAM!

Wise Buddah’s Production Manager Phil Tozer: “Working on the package for SLAM! was a fantastic opportunity to unleash our imagination and create something unique and massive. The vocals were recorded with the guys from SLAM! at our studios in London, after which the tracks were left in their hands to add some imaging magic and serious track-mangling!”

SLAM! Imaging Director Chris Hartgers said: “We absolutely loved the Mega Hits packages from the first moment we heard them. Wise Buddah gave us enough space and tools to add our own SLAM! sauce to this package…and with this new jingle package, SLAM! sounds new, fresh, big and in your face. Exactly what we wanted!

SLAM! Imaging Director Steph Jansen added: “Wise Buddah did an outstanding job on our new SLAM! Package…It was great to be able to do this project together with Wise Buddah.. and the response has been amazing. The new stuff is GREAT!!!

The Mega Hits jingle packages are available for CHR, Hot AC, even Christian radio.

Go here to hear the Mega Hits packages as well as the SLAM! resings, then see what elce they have to offer!

All of Wise Buddah’s packages are market exclusive. Lock any of them up in your market today!

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