“…Quality stuff you can put on the air instantly, They also make great idea-starters…”


PLUG your voiceover into our fully-produced shell, and it’s ready to PLAY on your station in minutes.

COPY & PASTE scripts directly from the web site into your Word editor for fast, easy editing. The text copy is right up front so you can see exactly what you’re getting.

DISASSEMBLE and RECONFIGURE each promo your own way. You get all the workparts so you can rearrange them and combine them with your own – the possibilities are endless!

REVERSE ENGINEER our concepts to give them your own, brand new spin. Other production packages give you workparts. Premiere Plug & Play Imaging gives you ideas!


The world-class content and ideas you’ve come to expect from the leaders in radio imaging, continuously updated, and now available in a fast, easy download format.

Premiere Plug & Play Imaging is about more than production. It’s about branding your format properly with messages that target your audience the right way. It’s about getting your creative juices flowing with a database of creativity and the tools to make it happen your own way. It’s about keeping your station sounding fresh, and getting it done fast so you can get on with the rest of your day.

Content. Ideas. And now more convenience than ever. Premiere Plug & Play Imaging continues to set the standard for ready-to-use imaging production.

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Tip. It’s always a good idea to hear all of the format package demos on the website so you know exactly what your getting.