Dave Meffert now has some fearse competition.

The premier plug and play imaging service started in 2006 and is really good, seriously!

It contains imaging shells you can assemble and reassemble as often as you wish. Plus you get all the tools you need to make your own sweepers and promos. Music beds, sound design, artist audio, drops and listener audio.

After hearing all of the format demos, I can tell you that it’s really good. In fact, I give this library 2 thumbs up!

I highly recommend this library.

The best part is that you get all of the written sweeper copy to go with the imaging shells for you to send to your voice talent. You can also edit the written copy to fit your station’s needs. In other words, you can either copy what’s in the imaging shell, or edit the written copy to fit the sweeper shell. The possibilities are endless with Plug and play imaging!

Plug and play imaging is a crossover between Short bus radio and Imagio. But then again, they take elements from both services and made it sound better!

To Dave Meffert, all I can say is that he’s going to have some serious competition in the next 2 years.

Do yourself a favor and lock this library up in your market now before the competition across the streat does!

Plug and play imaging is distributed by Premier Radio Networks, and is highly recommended.