Wise Buddah is really successful around the world. That is, except for here in the United States.

I would really love to see more stations here in the states use Wise Buddah for jingles and imaging. Wise Buddah has jingles for any format. They also create jingles that fit your station sound perfectly.

They also have some really good production libraries for all PD’S to use for production. The Gen series of imaging libraries are selling like hotcakes from the UK to Europe, France to Brazil, and from Canada to Turkey.

With radio stations changing formats all the time, it’s nice to know you have a jingle company you can use.

I also recommend Wise Buddah to every radio station, not just the ones in the states.

Radio stations in the USA and everywhere, contact Wise Buddah today, and see what jingle packages they have that’ll fit your playlist!

Side note: WB contains cut by cut packages for almost every format. Listen to what they have to offer on their website! If you don’t see what you want, you can always do a custom package with them.